What vitamins to give to a pregnant dog

What vitamins to give to a pregnant dog

Pregnancy of a dog is the period when it is necessary to care not only for her food, but also for full development of future posterity. The diet of a dog needs to be enriched with vitamins and minerals as much as possible.


1. Vitamin substances are considered as important substances not only for the person, but also for all living organisms. They regulate exchange processes in an organism, are a part of substances which act as catalysts for various processes. Our smaller friends constantly need vitamins also. During the usual periods of life of a dog can receive the majority of necessary substances of food and the need for an additional substern vitamins, usually does not arise.

2. But during pregnancy it is necessary to enrich a diet of a dog with additional substances which her organism needs. Growth of puppies demands a large amount of minerals and vitamins therefore they will require to provide in addition a dog if you count on strong healthy posterity.

3. In the first month after knitting the experts do not recommend to change a diet of a dog. The usual dry and liquid feed will be able to provide completely basic needs of an organism of the pet at this time. It is possible to add in addition to food couple of crude yolks a week for dogs of small and average breeds, and for large individuals – the same quantity, but every day.

4. In a diet surely there has to be a meat of low-fat grades – beef or mutton. It is recommended to be added to food till last weeks pregnancy, meat contains the majority of substances which are necessary for an organism boughs during this period.

5. After the first month of pregnancy it is recommended to increase considerably the size of portions and to pass to three meals a day. It is necessary to mix a small amount of cod-liver oil which will provide the needs of an organism for fatty acids with food. In addition it will be required to use additives with vitamins A, B1, D and E. Together with vitamin D it is necessary to use additives with the high content of calcium – it is necessary for growth of bones of fruits and their high durability.

6. When the dog waits for a big dung, special need arises in a lactate and glycerophosphate, they have to be used as additives too. But except additives you should not forget also about usual products which are capable to fill an organism with necessary substances. Much attention in a diet is paid to dairy products, they always have to be present at a large number. They contain a large amount of calcium and phosphorus, these substances are simply vital to an organism of a dog during pregnancy.

7. If you correctly fed a dog during pregnancy and with a certain frequency used vitamin supplements for enrichment of a diet, then your alumna will be able to transfer much easier childbirth at it there will be enough forces for full feeding of puppies.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team