When at puppies teeth change

When at puppies teeth change

Care for any child - business responsible and very troublesome, even if this kid - a puppy. For example, the careful owner has to know when at his pet teeth change, if it does not occur, the animal needs to be shown to the veterinarian.

It is required to you

  • - observation and attention to the pet;
  • - veal hryashchik and stones;
  • - special stones for teeth.


1. Milk teeth begin to drop out at three-months puppies. The first cutters, and the last – canines change. Temporary canines at puppies acinaciform, very sharp and developed, but too fragile. Change of teeth happens as follows: the rudiment of a root of a second tooth begins to grow under a root of dairy. Gradually dairy root resolves and tooth drops out.

2. Milk teeth at puppies completely are replaced radical by six-seven months, at breeds of big dogs the change takes place quicker. Temporary teeth at puppies of 28 pieces, and constants – 42.

3. Process of change of teeth can sometimes be delayed because of diseases of an animal or knocking over of ears. In this case temporary tooth does not drop out and does not allow to grow to radical. The second tooth grows on a line of least resistance - on the hollow on the place dairy. Therefore if temporary tooth did not drop out in time, radical can grow into the improper place or not grow up in general. If temporary for any reason do not drop out in time, they need to be deleted.

4. Change of teeth can be broken not only because of diseases, but also because of natural or pedigree predisposition, features of feeding and contents. Problems with teeth often arise at small, average and dlinnomordy breeds. Food, too soft and friable for the grown-up puppy, can result in underdevelopment of chewing muscles. It leads to reduction of volume of tissue of gums whereas teeth in a form and the sizes are left without changes.

5. The majority of puppies during change of teeth begin to gnaw constantly something therefore to leave furniture safe and sound, it is necessary to give to a puppy veal stones and hryashchik. It not only will occupy the pet, but also will solve a problem of excessively soft food, will help milk teeth to drop out quicker. Besides, hryashchik and bones contain a set of nutrients including calcium which is necessary for growth of teeth. Besides veal cartilages it is possible to offer a puppy the special rubber toys and stones created from food fibers.

6. If you suspect that your puppy has a delay of change of teeth, it is impossible to try to pull out dairy independently, it is necessary to address the veterinarian. Inaccurate removal can lead to more problems with teeth. If there are no serious deviations, teeth will gradually be replaced, but full change of teeth can happen to a delay only by a year. The milk teeth which did not drop out in time can become the reason of the wrong number of second teeth. Most likely, it will not give to a dog an inconvenience, but if a dog thoroughbred, on an exhibition he is not accepted.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team