When the crucian spawns

When the crucian spawns

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Spawning of a crucian - not the best time for fishing. Fish during this period does not wish to be fed, she is busy with other urgent needs. Therefore it is necessary to know approximate dates of spawning of a crucian not to waste time uselessly.

Influence of weather for spawning of a crucian

Weather is unstable in the spring therefore there is no exact date when the crucian spawns. The marriage period can sometimes come in the first half of May, sometimes, as at the beginning of June. If you in May noticed the crucians lapping at the coast, get prettier fishings shortly will not be.

As a rule, the playfulness of fish at this time is a sign of approach of the marriage period. However, experienced fishermen claim that in the first days of spawning the crucian actively eats. Precisely it is difficult to guess time of a good biting therefore the bulk of hunters for fish does not push luck at the end of spring.

If May was cold, with heavy rains and frosts at night, the crucian can postpone spawning for June. The golden crucian is more dependent on heat, than his silvery fellow. Ideal water temperature for mating dance - 17-19 degrees for golden and 13-15 for silvery crucians. Heat also influences spawning period duration. In good weather the crucian handles the family responsibilities quicker.

As there takes place spawning of a crucian

Mating dance approaches end when females cannot carry caviar any more. At this time all crucians gather in underwater thickets and females postpone the first batches of eggs for thin stalks and leaves. These portions usually a little - about 4-5. Vymetyvayet their female not in one day therefore the nerestovaniye can last to the middle of June. The more and more deeply reservoir, the longer period of spawning of a crucian. It can last the whole month. Morning hours are time of spawning of a crucian. Every portion contains up to 150 thousand berries. As the crucian - the inhabitant of standing reservoirs, does not take down his calves a current, but it does not mean that all berries turn into whitebaits. Tadpoles of other fishes, frogs, crayfish and a huge number of water insects eat caviar of crucians. Whitebaits during the first hours and days of life are very vulnerable, larvae of bugs-plavuntsov and dragonflies, water bugs and scorpions hunt for them. The most part of caviar and whitebaits of crucians perishes. Only about 30% of fishes live about one year. It is possible to begin fishing of a crucian in April - before spawning. Cold water and need to stock up with a fat promote good appetite of fish at this time. The biting proceeds to the middle of May, month lasts spawning, and again the appetite of a crucian wakes up in the middle of June. The summer passes rather steadily if there are no frequent sharp jumps of temperature. And the intensity of a biting of a crucian to the first serious autumn cold snaps dies away.

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