Where it is possible to buy the Caucasian sheep-dog

Where it is possible to buy the Caucasian sheep-dog

Persons interested to buy a puppy of the Caucasian sheep-dog or an adult dog of this breed have several options. However there are general and quite universal councils which will help to make a right choice anyway.

Advantages of purchase of a dog through club

To buy a puppy of the Caucasian sheep-dog, however, as well as many other breeds, it is possible to address to film logical club. The experts working there can not only give information on the forthcoming knittings or already been born puppies, but also to give an idea of the standard of breed, features of education and keeping of these dogs.

If to buy a puppy in club, it is possible not to worry about its documents, that is to be sure that the grown-up dog will conform to the standard, having an opportunity to participate in exhibitions, working competitions and breeding cultivation. Also the fact that so-called "puppyish cards" (passports or certificates which exchange then on family trees), are given only to healthy puppies after the corresponding survey of a dung is important.

Without documents, at all showiness of appearance of mother of puppies and persuasiveness of the manufacturer, it is impossible to guarantee that the real Caucasian sheep-dog will grow from a dog one or two years later.

Puppy or adult dog?

Experts recommend to buy the Caucasian sheep-dogs puppies - maturing, a dog of this breed it is more difficult to accustom to obey other person. Usually only experienced dog handlers who had earlier similar practice manage it. The inexperienced people wishing to start an adult Caucasian sheep-dog can only recommend to weigh once again the desires and opportunities, having consulted to dog handlers or trainers, or owners of similar dogs. Sometimes under the influence of any given reasons the people make the decision to leave also an adult dog. However the Caucasian sheep-dogs belong to breeds which representatives demand long, serious and careful training and also have rather severe temper, getting used to submit to only one person - "the leader of pack". Therefore buying an adult dog, it is necessary much time for time to spend with her and the owner before purchase to learn about character, features of mentality, feeding and care for future canine friend. It is known that "Caucasians" with success are used as sentry and guard dogs. However for official confirmation of working qualities they need to execute the corresponding standards - only this way they will receive in club the certificate on what course of training they and in what volume seized. Before acquisition of the Caucasian sheep-dog, irrespective of her future purpose, it is recommended to learn also about character and working qualities of parents - the heredity in this case plays a large role.

Private nurseries and manufacturers

Those people who except the reliable watchman and the effective security guard plan to get a dog of a show class (that is to visit with the pet of an exhibition on which the exterior is estimated) should approaching the choice of the manufacturer even more carefully. It is possible to inquire in several clubs or private nurseries, having found out top trends of change of the standard recently. It is possible to try to address directly owners of any given dog to learn when they can have puppies. Owners of breeding producers, as a rule, are interested in that the posterity of their champions carried on traditions, speaking at exhibitions therefore usually willingly share information such. However the cost of dogs grows in proportion to quantity of titles which were won by their ancestors. The number of the websites belonging to both private nurseries of the Caucasian sheep-dogs, and certain manufacturers grows. Studying similar resources on the Internet also gives the quite good chance to choose from many options, having estimated family trees, appearance, character and cost of dogs.

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