Where to attach cats for the period of the holiday

Where to attach cats for the period of the holiday

Gathering in a holiday, think how your pet will spend this time. If the cat does not go with you, it is necessary to provide him comfortable life without owner - houses, at friends or in special hotel. Options for pets much - choose that which will suit also you, and your cats.


1. The simplest and comfortable option for cats is to leave them at home, having asked the friend or the relative to look after favourites. In a habitual situation the cat will grieve less for the owner. House contents will not involve special costs - buy a stock of a forage and toilet filler and in detail instruct those who will look after animals. Remind that cats need not only food and cleaning, but also communication. That animals felt comfortable, they need to be visited daily - and it is better twice a day.

2. If persons interested to visit a cat are not at home, the pet can be sent to friends or relatives. It is difficult to move several animals - such way suits owners of one or two cats more. It is desirable that the temporary owner had no own animals - especially dogs or birds. It is good if there is an opportunity to lodge your cat in the separate room - there she will feel in bigger safety.

3. An alternative to house overexposure - special hotels for animals. There are ready to accept any number of pets for any term. It is the most financially expensive option - you should pay for keeping of each animal. However for overexposure of several cats discounts are possible.

4. Choosing hotel, give preference to the institution focused on cats. The neighbourhood of dogs can irritate your pets. Most often "number" for the lodger is the small open-air cage calculated on one pet. But also more comfortable conditions - for example, rooms meet walking, "tree" for a lasagna and even an aquarium. That the cat felt more surely, take for him a house laying, a tray and bowls for food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team