Whether it is possible for cats is human food

Whether it is possible for cats is human food

It only seems that best of all and more usefully fresh small fish or meat cutting for your cat nothing can be. Actually, if to feed an animal only with fresh-killed meat, excepting other products, meat kind of is useful was, it will do to your favourite irreparable harm.

Dangerous imbalance

Remember that the food allowance first of all has to be balanced. In the nature cat's eat not only cutting, also they use juicy plants, can regale on an insect, a frog or still somehow to diversify the diet. If you decided to feed the pet with natural food, take care of that his diet was balanced on proteins, fats and carbohydrates and also contained the products stimulating work of digestive system.Probably, it will be interesting to you to learn that pork can cause cirrhosis or pancreatitis in a cat, the excessive use of crude fish threatens with poisoning with specific enzyme tiaminazy which leads to loss of appetite and even spasms, and after regular feeding liverof at cats exchange processes are broken.

What cannot be given at all

Of course, the diet can be made so that it was various and corresponded to needs of your fluffy favourite. However you remember that to diversify – at all does not mean to give everything that will turn up to you under a hand. Among products which are regularly present at a diet of the person there is a lot of such in which the cat can become interested, but which she cannot give at all. Here all belongs fat, sharp, salty, marinated and smoked. All these products, though attract cats the aroma, can lead to a metabolic disorder and diseases of digestive system. It seems to many cats extremely attractive confectionery – often they contain cream or dairy cream. But to treat pets with cakes, by candies and even condensed milk it is strictly forbidden! Chocolate contains the substances toxic for cats, besides, carbohydrates in general are very badly split by digestive system of predators – cats simply have no specialized enzymes for this purpose.

Feed me!

There is a logical question – what to do when the cat asks to treat her with something tasty from a table? The answer one – hold the fort! Actually, animals often just want to draw attention to themselves, but does not starve to death as it is written in his sad look. Feed a cat before you sit down at a table and try to distract her from contents of your plate as far as it is possible. If the animal understands that here nothing shines it, will gradually stop trying you to move to pity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team