Whether life of animals in zoos is reduced

Whether life of animals in zoos is reduced

People visit zoos as there it is possible to see the wild animals atypical for a certain area of accommodation. However not each person thinks of conditions of keeping of these animals, lasting their lives in a cage and psychological state which life imprisonment cannot but affect.

Advantages of a zoo

Good zoos always try to enter the special programs allowing to support them endangered exotic animals who can die at liberty because of the person or other predators. If the zoo is enough sponsored, animals have the good food, clear water and open-air cages with a big area allowing them to feel rather freely.

Often wild animals are tried to be placed in conditions which are closest to their natural area of dwelling.

From visitors of animals usually separate by means of water, glasses, stone walls and other barriers which are not allowing the missing predators to attack people. Also good zoo is able to afford to care constantly for almost each inhabitant – the employee of a zoo to which will allocate money for its maintenance can take an animal under guardianship. In zoos the people learn about habits of wild animals much, and rare species remain and breed in bondage, providing to the planet new population.

The term of life of animals in zoos

It is considered that animals live in zoos longer, than on freedom as they are isolated from the natural enemies, and specially trained veterinarians constantly watch their state of health. It significantly prolongs life of animals who are protected not only from predators, but also from hunters and poachers. However existence in artificial conditions of the closed space often causes a bespokoynost, psychoses and refusals of food in animals.

Quite often cases of suicides in zoos when animals suddenly hurt to themselves the heads against open-air cage walls are registered.

The complete dependence from people leads to the fact that animals cannot live in the nature any more – they are not able to get food, to hunt and be protected therefore they will never be released from prison where they simply will not survive. Movement on the small site of the fenced space has also negative effect on mentality of animals therefore workers of zoos try to create them optimal conditions lives in bondage. Unfortunately, not all zoos concern the inhabitants with due consideration, leaving them to live in dirty tiny open-air cages. Practically do not render to animals medical services in such "institutions" and feed them with low-quality food that considerably reduces life expectancy of unfortunate animals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team