Whether the cat can eat the poisoned mouse

Whether the cat can eat the poisoned mouse

The attentive owner will at once notice that with his cat something is not right. Usually poisoning at these animals can be distinguished from other indisposition and in due time to take measures. Especially dangerously to an animal to catch and eat the mouse who is under the influence of poison.

Not all get cats and cats only for the love of these animals at home. The main function of a cat is to catch mice, and sometimes the kitten is brought to the house only for these reasons. Especially often so occurs in villages. Unfortunately, cases when the animal eats the poisoned mouse are frequent, thereby receiving a portion of poison which can be for it deadly.

Why the cat can eat the poisoned mouse?

Cats in general are lazier, than cats and trap production throughout long time can be simply uninteresting to them. If the mouse ate the poisoned bait, it cannot move so quickly any more and thereof turns into an easy mark for a cat. He catches a rodent, practically without using any efforts, and eats it – at once or after a while.

Some people consider that the cat will feel that the mouse is poisoned, and will not begin to eat it. Unfortunately, any veterinarian will confirm to you that it not so. Cats do not possess any superintuition or an intuition which will prompt to them that the strange behavior of a rodent is a signal to steer clear of it.

Most often poisons for rats and mice contain the substance interfering normal blood clotting, and the rodent who ate a killing bait quickly perishes from numerous bleedings. The same waits also for the cat who ate such production if his owner does not address to veterinary clinic as soon as possible.

Symptoms of the fact that the cat ate the poisoned mouse and as to help him

If your pet has temperature, slackness, he refuses food, tears him and bears blood – very much can be that his organism slowly perishes from action on it rat poison. Urgently carry the pet to veterinary clinic. If the doctor confirms the diagnosis, it is necessary to wash out a stomach of an animal, having caused vomiting and also to make to it an anticoagulant injection – K1 vitamin promoting recovery of normal blood clotting. Further it is the best of all to leave a cat at least on couple of days on hospital treatment where will deliver him droppers with substances, necessary for treatment of anemia. Poisoning with deadly medicine is not that case when it is possible to hope for action of the known saying saying that at a cat nine lives. Rat poison destroys an organism of an animal is prompt and irreversible therefore if you have at least the slightest suspicion on the fact that your pet got poisoned with it, and his life is expensive to you – urgently ask for the qualified veterinary help.

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