Whether there are British cats lop-eared

Whether there are British cats lop-eared

The British cats make great success at fans of animals. Many consider that the Scottish and British cats, treat one breed, and have some distinctions among themselves

Whether British cats can brag of the amusing, put forward ears or it is distinctive feature of other breed and what? Let's glance a little bit in the history of creation of breeds to clear up this question.

Main features of the Scottish lop-eared.Scottish lop-eared as the breed appeared rather recently. In Scotland accidentally found kitten with trailing ears gave an impetus to removal of new breed of cat differing in absolutely original muzzle to which the special charm is given by unusual small ears. The Scottish Fold of the average sizes, graceful, with long and semi-long wool, with the extended tail, has light frame. Big open eyes of amber or orange color make them similar to owlets. In the course of selective works it was noticed that in a dung the kittens having and upright ears which nevertheless, bear in themselves a visloukhost gene are born. This gene, in addition, bears in itself anomaly of development of skeletal system, it is shown if to cross two lop-eared cats who are called Scottish Folds therefore such crossing categorically is not allowed. The owner of upright ears can only become couple to such cat skottish-stright, that is.

Distinctive feature of the British short-haired.

The British are strong, thickset large cats with thick cheeks and big round as saucers eyes won sincere national love for a long time. The dense dense wool not adjacent to a body does not demand too frequent comb-out and makes them similar to teddy bears. Strong nervous system, unperturbable temper, good health, affection for the owner and excellent good nature not only with family members, but also with other pets makes related them with Scots. At all the individual and always recognizable appearance they even something are similar to Scottish Folds, as raises sometimes at profane persons questions concerning determination of breed, many confuse them though when reading the description of each look these doubts disappear. Now British short-haired is the closed breed, knitting is allowed only in breed. It is strictly forbidden to cross it to Scots in spite of the fact that they are close on the phenotype. It occurs because the probability of the birth of kittens with serious deformations in skeletal system because of the gene causing omission of ears and, at the same time, causing merging of back vertebras and other deformations of development of a bone tissue is very high. Because of it breed Scottish lop-eared it is still not recognized as the FIFE system. Officially the breed is forbidden in England and Germany.

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