Whether there are broiler geese

Whether there are broiler geese

Very few people did not face rather modern concept "broiler". At the time very strongly chicken "Bush's legs" made a noise, and at many this term began to be associated only with chicken.

Often the word "broiler" is perceived in a negative way. And some people – because of its American background, others because of estimated harm. Meanwhile, a similar method everywhere grow up birds of various types: hens, ducks, geese, etc. Cultivation of each look is connected with certain specifics, but there are also general moments.

What is "broiler"?

Broiler birds strongly differ from the ordinary fellows even externally. In the livestock specialist understand a combination at an animal of certain genetic factors which are responsible for active development of muscles as this term. Such feature set is reached due to long selection and selection of suitable producers. Actually, it is the narrowly targeted process of evolution controlled by experts.

Under adequate eco-friendly conditions of cultivation of a bird, meat of a broiler is harmless and except quantity differs in nothing from meat of an ordinary bird. Other question that the modern livestock production is often strongly constrained by terms, and many enterprises apply to acceleration of a nagul of weight growth factors or hormones which can negatively affect health of those who will use a ready-made product as a result.

Broiler geese

Many centuries geese live near the person, but generally small farms still are engaged in their cultivation. For development these birds need a lot of place (not less than two hundred parts on one), a good pasture with abundance of a grass, the small bog or the lake and clear water in drinking bowls which should be changed every day. In cultivation of broiler geese there are both pluses, and minuses. On the one hand, costs of a forage are rather small as a goose – a bird herbivorous. Proteinaceous additives are not required for them, and grains, as addition to a usual diet, is necessary very little. With another – communication with similar birds demand ability and experience, and the good place for a pasture, necessary for the growing-up individuals for a set of weight, to find very not easy. Gooses grow quickly: already from week age they are let out on a pasture. Approximately at the same age they are accustomed to water as the lack of access to a reservoir negatively affects health and character of birds. Approaching cultivation of broilers, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to their genetics as she guarantees a fast and large-scale set of weight or lack of that.

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