Whom it is better to get: cat or dog?

Whom it is better to get: cat or dog?

Getting a pet, it is possible to hear almost in each family. As initiators children, as a rule, act. The choice is, usually, small. If you need not just ornament for the house, and the true friend. Depending on your psychological warehouse, opinion of other family members and opportunities, it is possible to choose a dog or a cat. So to whom to give preference?

Pluses and minuses of a dog

It is possible to refer mind, devotion to advantages of a dog. Dogs willingly carry out instructions. For example, bring footwear. Also dogs protect the house, and if necessary can defend the owner. Especially beneficial effect of dogs on the people having cardiovascular diseases, elevated pressure and also on children of autists.Undoubtedly, the canine friend will bring a lot of joy to all members of household, but such acquisition has also shortcomings. The dog will need to find a lot of time. For example, to walk with her. At the same time it is unimportant what weather on the street and how do you feel. Also the pet will need to be washed, and if necessary to cut. The dog needs to be brought up and trained. Otherwise she will turn into a spiteful animal. The dog will constantly spoil your things, to try to bite you and your guests. The trip to a holiday can also become problematic. It is not always possible to take a dog, and to attach him for this time in kind hands even more difficult. Of course, it is possible to use hotel for dogs. The hitch only that similar institutions not in each city function and the price can be quite high. However if you are not afraid of difficulties and are ready to devote to the pet a maximum of the time, buy this remarkable animal.

Merits and demerits of cats

Cats, unlike dogs, do not require to themselves so much attention. With them it is not necessary to walk. The cat can be long one at home. If owners need to leave, the cat can be attached easily. Besides, she performs all hygienic procedures independently. According to many breeders of a cat are capable to have beneficial effect on human health. For example, they normalize pressure, increase mood. A shortcoming of cats – total absence of devotion. The person is interesting to it only to satisfaction of the needs. Besides, cats almost do not give in to training. What at them well turns out, so it to catch mice. However if you need psychological unloading if you the lazy or busy person arriving in constant departures, stop the choice on this fluffy friend. At the same time do not forget to consult to other family members. Perhaps, the majority will vote for a dog and someone will even want to undertake a part of obligations for care for it. Then it is worth reconsidering the point of view. Also it is necessary to stop the choice on a dog if in family is or the kid will be born soon. The dog without the permission will never approach the child. The cat can be for it just dangerous.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team