Why a guinea pig - a pig

Why a guinea pig - a pig

The guinea pig is known in our country for a long time. The name of this animal so strongly was assigned to it that today very few people think of why, actually "sea" and "mumps".

Well, with sea it is more or less clear – the animal it was brought once from overseas therefore began to be called overseas, and after just sea. And here why the name of a mumps for many is appropriated to this nice rodent who is not even the distant relative of our pig remains the sheer riddle.

It is remarkable that guinea pigs have a set of various names. It is possible to tell safely that practically in each country these animals managed to get own name. In France, Spain and Portugal it is the Indian mumps, in Belgium – a mountain mumps, and aboriginals of America called this animal a Guinean pig. Despite distinction of geographical terms, the rodent is called as a mumps everywhere that undoubtedly speaks about more ancient origin of this name. Official versions of so strange name of this little small animal two. On the first similarity to a pig her unusual form gives to a guinea pig the heads and the rounded body with small paws. Really, for the person who saw this animal for the first time the mumps can be associated with a small dairy pig. Confirms a hypothesis and that fact that aboriginals of America used guinea pigs in food. Exists as well less widespread version of origin of the name of these animals. The fact is that when travelers brought the first pigs to England, also began to use them in food. Meat was so gentle and nutritious that was very quickly fallen in love to British and began to be appreciated on an equal basis with beef and pork. And as the sizes of a carcass of an animal were very small, it received the name "pig for guinea" that reflected its low cost and excellent taste. The second theory is much more peaceful and inclines to opinion that the animal was called a pig for the characteristic sounds made by it. Clang of these animals really something bears a faint resemblance to a pokhryukivaniye or even piggy squeal. Here therefore guinea pigs also became pigs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team