Why animals are called "by "dumb animals"

Why animals are called "by "dumb animals"

Expression "dumb animals" is widespread in everyday life. From where it happened - it is definitely not known. But there are indisputable facts proving similarity in behavior of animals and the person.


1. Now in many literary editions and even floating around the Internet it is possible to meet a mention of animals as "about dumb animals". But very few people thought of that from where similar definition for the first time went and why it is used concerning animals.

2. The first similar metaphors can be met in the Gospel, but who was specifically meant by the author of the Writing under this phrase, to define it is very problematic. One of the first the similar metaphor in more concrete definition is provided by Sergey Yesenin in the poem. Its expression was quickly picked up by other famous poets and ordinary people so it became nominal for all possible animal species over time.

3. But unless it is only interpretation of poets? It is necessary to understand this question in more detail. There is a popular belief that animals are completely not similar to the person. According to many people, they have no many feelings inherent in the person and even morals so it is difficult to compare to them people. But whether so it actually?

4. Many consider animals extremely unreasonable and note their impossibility to solve problems in the uncommon ways. But in practice in fauna it meets pretty often. Many species of primacies use primitive instruments of labor, the majority of the developed types are able to use stones for the purposes.

5. Animals constantly use the intelligence for the solution of the ordinariest tasks. Possibilities of the person in this plan are much higher, but proceeding from the called facts, it is difficult to call animals unreasonable.

6. The feeling of an esthetics, as well as to the person is inherent in animals. Many bird species like to collect brilliant objects. These objects cannot be eaten or to use somehow, birds just admire them. The bird a shalashnik builds the nests in the form of tents and decorates the house with flowers, strengthening them between nest elements. They change flowers every day on extent of their withering, and it is the obvious fact of draft to fine.

7. Animals have also own morals, though simpler, than at the person. Predators almost never kill each other during fight for resources, one of animals gives the sign of defeat then the winner allows it to leave. Many animal species try to help fellows in case of danger or wound, helping them out of a trouble, even risking own life.

8. In animals it is inherent many feelings which allow them to resemble people. For this reason it is possible to call them "smaller brothers of the person" who though concede to him on many indicators, but have signs of humanity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team