Why at an elephant a long trunk

Why at an elephant a long trunk

Elephant – the biggest animal in the world. Their main feature – a long nose trunk by which the herbivorous giant can collect fruits, tears leaves from high trees and gather water, and still make a loud blare.

Wild elephants eat vegetable food, namely fruits and leaves, bark of trees, a grass. The elephants living in bondage do not refuse candies, cookies and bread. This big animals need a lot of water to maintain normal hydrobalance in an organism. In a day the elephant drinks up to 300 liters of water and eats about 300 kg of food.

Distinctive feature of elephants is the long trunk. Far ancestors of elephants lived in swamps and a trunk, then very small, allowed them to breathe under water. After millions of years of evolution the elephants left swamps and increased in sizes, the trunk was extended as a result of adaptation to life. A trunk – the sensitive body with grasping reflexes consisting of a set of muscles. They are about 40000 that does this long shoot very strong and flexible. The trunk performs a large number of functions, being the same for an elephant that hands, a nose, lips and language for the person. A trunk the elephant breaks leaves and fruits from trees and bushes, collects a grass at himself underfoot, gathers water from a reservoir, puts food and pours in water in a mouth, waters himself during a heat, feels objects, makes a characteristic blare and uses as protection. Besides, kids elephant calves hold the proboscis a tail of the going ahead elephant. Picking food, the elephant feels and sniffs at it by means of a trunk and only then breaks and sends to a mouth. The giant adores sweet food and chooses sweet fruits, for example, bananas. In bondage he does not refuse apples, carrots and candies. There is a delusion that the elephant drinks by means of a trunk, actually it just gathers water, and then directs it to a mouth. The African elephants during a strong heat or long lack of rains refresh themselves with water from reservoirs, throwing back a trunk for the head and watering on a back. When the elephant makes a blare, it extends to several kilometers. Thus elephants let each other know where they are. The elephant uses a trunk as protection of and the cubs from attack of predators. With one blow it can kill the opponent or break to it bones. There is an informal festival, Day of the Elephant which is celebrated worldwide on November 30. It sometimes call Slonouin, this day various events devoted to elephants are held. Besides, the world Day of Protection of elephants in which animal activists try to attract people to a problem of disappearance of this look is celebrated on September 22. In Thailand the Elephant – a sacred animal therefore the festival of the Elephant is celebrated through the whole country. Ceremonies on Buddhist ceremonies are held, and the festive lunch is provided to elephants. This day to the country the great number of foreign tourists is flown down that significantly influences improvement of economy.

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