Why budgerigars die

Why budgerigars die

Budgerigars live in bondage on average about 15 years. But sometimes it happens so that the birdie dies much earlier. Some reasons of premature death of a parrot it is possible to warn and prolong life to the pet.

Causes of death of budgerigars

The most common cause of mortality among budgerigars – poisoning. The bird can get poisoned with a low-quality forage or to eat something at free movement about the room. Deadly to a parrot can become eating of salt, medicines, some houseplants. Some parrots peck paint which contains salts of heavy metals. It also leads to poisoning. The bird can be poisoned, spraying near a cell of liquid for washing of windows, air fresheners, hairspray and other aerosols. Upholstered in steel cages with a zinc covering, parrots get poisonings with metal since they collect by a beak of its particle and swallow. For parrots the eating of mold mushrooms which can contain in a stern at the wrong storage, walnut and hazelnuts is deadly.The parrot can die, having been traumatized. Flying on the apartment, he can get between doors, get burn, hit against glass, fall for a case and, trying to be released, to itself to break something. The bird can die from electricity since she has easily a bite wires. A parrot – very sensitive animal with weak heart therefore can die even of a stress and a strong fright. At least at first it is desirable to protect the pet from such undesirable factors as: loud shouts, a bright ray of light in the dark, roar or bark of a dog, a throw of a cat on a cage. The female of a budgerigar can die because of cultivation violation of the rules. Often at the first laying egg can get stuck and put pressure upon internals of a bird. If in time not to address the expert, the female will die. Parrots, as well as other animals, are subject to various diseases. It can be the genetic diseases caused by bad heredity. Parrots have infectious diseases, they have worms, tumors sometimes develop. These and other diseases, especially if were not detected in time, are not subject to treatment. Sometimes the disease is too started, and the animal suffers. In this case it is necessary to decide whether it is worth dooming a bird to further sufferings.

How to save a parrot from premature death?

Buying a budgerigar baby bird, take an interest what has to be the correct diet of its food. Carefully choose a forage - it is a basis of health of the pet. You do not feed a parrot from a table. Choose a spacious cage from suitable material. You do not hold a cage on a draft not to chill a parrot. As much as possible secure the apartment. Remove everything that can injure a parrot, or cause poisoning. Watch the pet carefully. Any changes in his behavior can testify to a disease. The earlier you see a doctor, the it is more than chances of a favorable outcome of events.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team