Why cats are called ""March"

Why cats are called ""March"

Any month does not pass March without cat's "concerts". The competition in fight for arrangement of a female is very big, and any of potential cats - "grooms" will not concede to "opponent". For such peculiar hormonal splash they were also nicknamed "March".

The spring is thaw, awakening of the mother nature from a winter dream and, of course, love time! Statistically, in spring time all living organisms begin the vigorous and rough activity. Natural calculations are so exact that we need only to be surprised! The beginning of spring, without any doubt, is marked by the first adventures of moustached "lady's men" - March cats.

Why "March"?

The fact is that the organism of cats most violently wakens from winter "anabiosis" with approach of spring which beginning drops out for a month March. Peculiar cat's reaction to hormonal "spring" changes in their organism also assigned glory of "March" to males.

To calm a domestic cat who gives March "concerts" from year to year many owners resort to a method of its castration. At the same time it is better to refuse so-called hormonal therapy!

It should be noted that this more likely temporary phenomenon: March comes to an end, and fluffy "lady's men" turn into the most ordinary cats. They are not called April, May, June, etc. Besides, March is the best for pairing month. The cat in this case will be poured in two months – at the end of spring or at the very beginning of summer. It, certainly, gives her big advantages in cultivation of the posterity and in care for it. The summer is the sun, a variety of any given living creatures, long light days. It is necessary for a cat for carefree care for the kittens. For example, she should not run away far behind production, so and to leave the cubs of some.

Why people do not love March cats?In one popular song it is said that the unluckiest life – at black cats. But only not in March! During this period the dislike is caused by all "bandits" having a tail without exception. Shrill cries of these of "March wreckers" are heard all around – so they invite females on pairing.

If you are annoyed by March domestic cats, then solve this problem, having scattered red pepper in the territory. Also lemon pieces will approach. The pungent smell will frighten off moustached "bandits" who will leave far away from your yard.

Within the city, where on the small site several cats can huddle at once, such shouts become still istoshny and are more shrill, than usually. It also is clear – the competition is higher, the more forces need to be applied to draw attention of a beautiful kitty!

March "concerts"Among other things, March cats are widely known for "loud" showdowns. If such miaow is heard by a cat who considers himself the owner of this site of the territory, then the showdown in the form of night "concerts" involuntarily begins. Who whom peremyaukat! And in a fight the cats do not climb! Cunning "lady's men" understand that until they are lifted up with each other, their potential "bride" somebody will take away the third. Here such madcaps are these March cats!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team