Why cats ask on hands

Why cats ask on hands

Cats and cats - the gentle and lovely pets requiring to themselves special attention. Pets not only need gentle care, but also comfortable conditions. It is considered that house cat's are very independent. But whether so it actually? Perhaps it is only the taken roots stereotype of cat's character?

Learn character of the favourite

Aelurophiles try to give to the favourites all pleasures at once. However, not all of them are necessary to a cat. Sometimes the animal begins to annoy. Such behavior - result of stresses of a defenseless small animal. Present yourself on the place of a pet. The small, helpless creation living among giants. Often, any actions of the person in relation to the pet cause in him fear. The animal considering himself weak expresses the unsatiable need for protection.

If cats often ask to you on hands, perhaps, they feel uncertainty in the relations. The helpless and weak animal needs not pleasures as it is often considered to be, and security and tranquility. If you do not like it, reconstruct your attitude towards the pet. Create for it the quiet and reliable atmosphere. Do not try to present to the favourite more heat and tendernesses.

Sometimes the cats who are quietly on hands suddenly begin to bite and be scratched. Perhaps, the animal does not come to full delight that you constantly iron it. Nervous system does not maintain a large amount of caress. There comes nervous reaction, the cat begins to be protected from uncomfortable conditions. Considerably kaprizny there are pets aged. For example, when your domestic cat is more than 10-12 years old, it is simple to feed him happens insufficiently. After a meal it is required to an animal whether caress, whether "to chat", still that, but they often begin to ask on hands. At the same time can sleep peacefully on hands longer, than did it in younger years. Elderly cats very much aspire in society of the owners.

Warm the stood pet

Late fall or in winter time to your pet it becomes cold. At low temperatures on the street the animal sleeps longer. To understand that to the pet it is cold simply. The animal begins to get into the warmest places of the apartment, for example, on the battery, the computer, an extract in kitchen. The owner also can turn into a favourite hot-water bottle. That the stood cat did not ask to you on hands, arrange him a small shelter. Choose the closed konurka in which there will be a warm soft material pleasant for an animal. For example, offer it a woolen plaid. Take care of warm clothes for a cat. It is easy to sew or knit it independently. Consider, it has to be soft and easy. However, many pets do not love presence of foreign objects on the body. If the cat expresses discontent with miaow or other actions, it is time to undress him. The identity of a domestic cat - a difficult design which often raises questions at the person. What means any given behavior of your pet to distinguish difficult even to the most loving owner. Experts - zoopsychologists will find answers to all your questions. Will help to build up the correct relationship with your favourite.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team