Why cats fall out in dust

Why cats fall out in dust

Once you take out a cat to the dacha, he runs out on a path and begins to roll in dust with such diligence as though cannot be more attractive than anything in life. There is a question – why?

In captivity of instincts

Cats are beings though cultivated, but wild and unrestrained. For this their peculiar temper the people and fell in love with these small animals. And if your fluffy favourite lives in the comfortable apartment, does not mean at all that he forgot about the nature. Having appeared at liberty - on the seasonal dacha or the landing novel earlier, - the cat has a set of new feelings and more than ever before feels the animal instincts.

What forces your Matroskin to ride in dust, having forgotten about everything? First of all, care of own safety. The fact is that cats are guided on smells, and in the unfamiliar place where they are threatened by a set of dangers, it is better to take care of that possible enemies did not smell you. Having rolled in in dust, the cat beats off the smell and as if merges with surrounding space – now to find it much more difficult.

Medical procedures

For certain you paid attention with what care of a cat look after the fur coat. These animals can lick and brush fur literally from morning to the night. If your pet is disturbed by an itch or irritation, he will also try to get rid of him the easiest, from his point of view, in the way – will begin to roll in dust. There is nothing strange in it. The fact is that such ticks or fleas are the main reason for unpleasant feelings. They exasperate domestic cats much more less than street, however from this misfortune nobody is insured. Purification of wool of parasites with dust – one more primitive reflex. Almost all representatives of fauna purify with just the same image the leather, feathers and fur. Therefore if you found out that your cat regularly falls out in dust, does it often, long and literally is thrilled with blissful ecstasy in process, it is an occasion to check it on ektoparazit. Fleas can be absolutely small and imperceptible, but cause to your favourite quite unpleasant feelings. Besides, often they are carriers of other diseases.

Unbalanced diet

Happens and so that your Cat begins to roll in dust to bring the fur coat into a due look, for example, to get rid of excessive skin fat. Dust acts as a peculiar powder or talc here. Absolutely healthy animal never has the felted wool with the expressed fat "icicles". And if the reason of dusty bathtubs in violation of quality of wool, is an occasion to pay attention to a diet and to correct it. Your pet, obviously, is not enough enough no nutrients or the diet is picked up incorrectly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team