Why cats purr

Why cats purr

Many think that when the cat purrs, she kind of thereby tells us "thanks" that we love it, caress, feed, play with it. All this is right, but only partly. The given pleasure really induces a cat to purr, but it is not expression of gratitude to the person.

Remember how little kittens when they drink mother's milk behave. They purr. At such early age the full communication with the person still is impossible, it follows from this that their behavior has character of an unconditioned reflex, congenital instinct.

Communication of our fluffy friends is not limited to only one purring. Depending on a situation they can give sounds, various on type, – to mew, hum, hiss. They, in turn, can differ on sounding, tonality, emotional coloring. Purring is not uniform and can be absolutely different in the contents.

About what cats purr

Observation of dumb animals showed that purring which is published by chest kittens during feeding considerably differs from happy rumbling of an adult cat or a cat. Also it was noticed that when the adult animal asks food from owners (or a kitten at mother), in his purr there are plaintive notes which are a little reminding crying. The sound becomes high-pitched and more ringing - as at newborns. Thanks to these sounds the cub of a mammal tries to obtain manifestations of care from parents. This results from the fact that high frequencies influence a hormonal background and kind of put a parental instinct in action. To the contrary, when the cat derives pleasure that she is ironed, feed, play, purring gains absolutely other character. It becomes quiet, measured.

Also sounds of purr of a cat are made when communicate with each other. But at the same time existence of a live object is not an indispensable condition of communication. Fluffy lumps wish to pomurlykat and alone, for example, when eat or play with a lifeless subject.

One more interesting observation was made by veterinarians. They tell about cases when the animal purred, feeling severe pain. Even before the death of a cat can make similar sounds. If not to go into detail, such behavior of animals seems inadequate. Actually, as experts assume, so our fluffy friends ask about the help. Other opinion – by means of purring the cat instinctively hides the vulnerability not to draw attention of enemies.

How there is a purr?

From where does such unusual sounding proceeding kind from thorax depth undertake? Up to the end on this question the scientists still did not find the authentic answer. However it is for certain established that the sound is created as a result of reduction of muscles of a throat and a diaphragm. As well as any other process in an organism, a sound is formed as a result of work of a brain which sends the corresponding signals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team