Why hens peck eggs

Why hens peck eggs

Often poultry breeders face that hens eat own eggs, it can become a serious problem. It is worth finding out the reason of such behavior urgently. Usually everything begins with one chicken, and after a while eggs are pecked already by all inhabitants of the hen house.

It is required to you

  • Qualitative forage, vitamin D, calcium source.


1. The main reason for the fact that chickens peck the eggs is their wrong feeding. The diet of a layer has to be balanced therefore it is necessary to choose a forage which contains enough minerals and nutrients. Especially calcium and vitamin D is necessary for hens.

2. Perhaps, to hens not comfortably to be in the hen house, it can cause too that they peck eggs. If nesting grounds are located very highly, almost under a ceiling, and the distance between them is not enough, then it is worth correcting these errors. In such situation the layer can accidentally step on egg, crush it, and then peck. Do not allow too bright lighting in the hen house, it very much irritates birds.

3. Hens peck eggs and from the fact that they too closely, perhaps, do not have active walking. The hen house should not be densely inhabited, layers have to feel freely, even in cold season they have to have a territory to warm up the pads. Chicken quiet, happy with life will not begin to peck the eggs.

4. One more reason of damage of eggs - a podkarmlivaniye of hens an egg shell. Many inexperienced poultry breeders make this mistake, giving an egg shell as a calcium source. The fact is that layers quickly get used to a look and a smell of a shell and begin to peck own eggs, and time having tried protein or a yolk, want to repeat it again, eggs are very tasty and nutritious.

5. There is also such option that to all the unique chicken is the reason. Perhaps, it is too aggressive, and once accidentally having tasted eggs, began to continue by them to eat. Of course, strange, but many layers imitate the tribespeople, the bad example is infectious. To solve a problem, it is necessary to observe the hen house and to liquidate an aggressive layer. Usually such chicken constantly turns near nests, trying to find a new portion of delicacy.

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