Why rabbits throw the children

Why rabbits throw the children

The doe-rabbit can throw posterity because of mastitis, the lowered air temperature indoors, conditions of violent hunting, a stress, etc. In this case it is possible to place posterity to other doe-rabbit or to bring up artificially.

For what reasons can the female refuse the krolchat? Actually much can affect her desire and unwillingness to bring up posterity. Most often the doe-rabbit throws the children because of inflammation of mammary glands and a condition of violent hunting.

Main reasons for refusal of feeding - besides mastitis and a condition of violent hunting, it is the lowered air temperature indoors; - insufficient or bad feeding; - unsatisfactory condition of the room on sanitary standards: dirt, presence of parasites, etc.; - problems in a metabolism; - stress. If krolchat were thrown by mother and hungry, it is necessary to check quality of a forage and to track food of a doe-rabbit, in one brood there can be about 8 krolchat and bring up such quantity happens not easy. If the organism of a doe-rabbit is not replenished with necessary amount of vitamins and mineral substances which she daily loses with milk, then she will be forced to refuse bringing up of posterity which is doomed to death. If indoors where rabbits contain, the low air temperature, posterity becomes inactive, the krolchat the most part of time sit in one place and soon die. If cold conditions of keeping are aggravated with bad food of a doe-rabbit, it several times increases risk of refusal of posterity. Same concerns also conditions under which cleaning and cleaning indoors is seldom carried out: at its contamination, leftovers and excrement of animals will get parasites who will also affect desire of mother not to feed the children. The metabolic disorder in an organism of a doe-rabbit can also be one of the reasons for which she refuses posterity. The food allowance of mother has to be completely balanced, it is necessary to exclude stressful situations, it is strictly forbidden to move a female from place to place during an okrol. How to understand that at a doe-rabbit the mastitis developed? On closer examination it is possible to notice that skin of mammary glands expanded and darkened, nipples hardened, and it means that the animal constantly feels pain. The disease is heavier to treat, than to prevent it.

What to do if it occurred

As option, krolchat it is possible to place to other doe-rabbit or to pass to artificial feeding from a small bottle. It is necessary to feed kids 2-3 times a day with whole cow's milk. It is possible to try to lay a doe-rabbit sideways and to enclose her children. There will be no she with them, but will agree to feed, perhaps.

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