Why the bear cannot be awoken

Why the bear cannot be awoken

The brown bear living in a midland of Russia usually lays down in a den at the beginning of November. Having settled on a wintering, the bear does not fall asleep at once. In the first days he sleeps generally at night and several hours in the afternoon, in the morning and is awake in the evening. But the frosts, the longer and more deeply a dream are stronger. By December it falls into hibernation. During strong cold weather it is possible to approach an animal closely, at all without having disturbed it. During thaw or if the female expects replenishment, it is better not to approach the sleeping animal.

If desired it is possible to wake even strong sleeping bear, and especially a shchenny (pregnant) she-bear, but if you the inexperienced hunter, then is not recommended to do it.

The first minutes the disturbed bear is so angry and aggressive that it is capable to attack the person. There were cases when the animal gave mortal wounds to the hunter.The bear damped in a den, woken by an animal or the person, just disturbed by something will never lay down in the old den. He, angry, aggressive and irritable, will be unsteady on the wood, spending the fat layer saved during the summer for a safe wintering. The traditional diet of a bear is mainly vegetable food: mushrooms, berries, herbs and also fish. However all this is absent in the winter or is inaccessible (fish is under a thick ice layer, and herbs and roots will appear only in the summer). At the same time energy consumption of the awake animal because of very low temperature increase. Therefore the brown bear will lack one animal food to live. The woken hungry predator will loaf on vicinities in search of livelihood, to attack cattle, to show aggression to people, leaving to human housing. Not Sleeping Beauties in the winter of bears are called by "connecting rods". Such animals quickly weaken, lose weight and can even not live till spring, especially if it is young, weak bear cubs. However there are cases when the bear after the reveille builds to himself other den and safely waits for spring, but if he was woken close by spring (in 1 month), then the den is chosen them quite conditional and quite often such weakened and "not covered" bear becomes an easy mark of wild animals and hunters again. If you disturb in the winter a pregnant she-bear, the premature bear cubs born ahead of time, have every chance not to live up to spring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team