Why the bear sleeps

Why the bear sleeps

The bear treats group of predatory. It is omnivorous, however some animals prefer animal food, and others — vegetable, it can depend on a season and availability of a forage. Brown, Himalaya and black bears will see off all winter in a condition of hibernation in the prepared den.

Reasons of hibernation of bearsThe reasons of hibernation of some species of bears are very simple. With the onset of cold weather the animals begin to experience difficulties with livelihood as vegetable food under snow becomes it very difficult to look for, despite strongly developed sense of smell. Eating exclusively animal food, on this diet they will not be able long to live as to catch a fox or a hare it is quite difficult for a bear. An important role is played also by the size of an animal, on average, his weight can reach 500 kg. To live, a lot of food is required, besides in winter time the need for energy consumption increases in comparison with summer.

Pregnant females of a polar bear also fall into hibernation.

Hibernation of a bear can last up to six months therefore the animal has to have an energy stock which is in subcutaneous fat. The bear takes him during warm season. When the animal falls asleep, his organism reconstructs: heart rate considerably decreases, during hibernation bearof breathes is much more rare. It allows to save reserves of nutrients in subcutaneous fat and oxygen in a den. During hibernation the animal can lose up to 50% of body weight. The dream of a bear is very sensitive if near a den the pack of wolves howls, clumsy easily can wake up. In this case the sleepy bear connecting rod in search of livelihood can leave to people and ruin warehouses.

During hibernation at she-bears bear cubs are born. In one dung there can be about five individuals, their weight is only several hundreds of grams. The first several months bear cubs suck mother's milk. In the spring the strengthened cubs get out of a den together with a she-bear. All bear cubs remain with it approximately within one and a half years.

Why the bear sucks a pawThere is a legend that during hibernation the bear sucks a paw to worry cold winter. Scientists found out the real reason of such behavior of an animal. The surfaces of paws of a bear are covered with a thick layer of skin, it allows it to move on a stony surface, without feeling pain. When the animal falls into hibernation, under an old layer of skin of paws the new layer grows, and soles begin to scratch strongly. Therefore the bear "sucks a paw", biting old skin.

Biting skin from paws, the bear thus accelerates process of its updating.

There is also other version which concerns the bear cubs living in bondage. Kids suck a paw here for what reason. All winter bear cubs will see off with the mother, holding her nipple in a mouth and eating milk. In bondage they are brought up from a small bottle with a pacifier. After a meal of bear cubs release, and they lack contact with mom, here they also suck a paw. In the nature such phenomenon meets seldom.

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