Why the cat constantly sleeps

Why the cat constantly sleeps

Domestic cats – very lovely creatures: they play and frolic, giving the owners the real joy. As a rule, the similar active behavior quickly tires a cat owing to what she is forced to fill the spent forces by means of a long dream. Some owners are outright frightened when their favourite sleeps the whole day, considering that their cat is sick with something. Fortunately, not always it turns out to be true!


1. Some owners of domestic cats are outright concerned about behavior of the pets. It is about the excessive duration of their dream. Actually the reason for concern should not be here as cats carry out by nature lion's share of the time in a dream. The period of surge in energy at representatives of the cat family constantly is replaced by a long somnolence or a deep sleep. From outside can seem that the cat is unwell. If this is true, then it will be available also other symptoms indicating problems with health of a pet: the general slackness during the wakefulness period, refusal of food, a dry nose, etc. In this case the animal needs to be shown to the veterinarian.

2. If above-mentioned symptoms are not observed, and the cat after awakening is vigorous and vigorous, perfectly eats, plays with the owner, then and the reason for concern cannot be. The long cat's dream is quite normal reaction of an organism of an animal to the constant muscular loads experienced by it during wakefulness. Besides, the dream compensates to cats substantial increase of temperature of their body during any given physical activity. It is known that passive rest has beneficial influence on an organism, and cats here - not an exception! Sometimes in one day the animal can have so much terrible fright that only healthy and sound sleep will help to calm down to it. By the way, it is not recommended to awake a cat, interrupting her rest.

3. Scientists claim that by right it is possible to call representatives of the cat family of animals champions of dreams. The fact is that duration of their dream is from 16 to 18 hours a day! Curiously, as in the rest of the time of a cat can plunge into an easy somnolence equally well. According to scientists, such phenomenal ability to a constant dream speaks very simply: cat's are very active animals, the metabolism passes in their organism very quickly that forces them to spend a large amount of energy which, in turn, should be filled with a dream constantly. That's all explanation.

4. Proceeding from all aforesaid, it is possible to conclude that the constant and long cat's dream is the quite explainable phenomenon put in these animals by the nature. You should not awake cats in the period of their active dream as not up to the end filled energy can become the reason of irritability of an animal and pour out in very aggressive behavior in relation to the owner. The scientists investigating behavioural character of these animals noticed that cats to which they regularly do not allow to fill the forces with a healthy sleep begin to suffer from disorder of nervous system. It, in turn, leads to any given failures in their organism. Therefore it is not necessary to be surprised to it: cats sleep so much how many it is necessary for them!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team