Why the cat coughs

Why the cat coughs

Health of pets should pay not smaller attention, than to an own condition of an organism. Even rare cough can be caused not only hit in respiratory bodies of foreign objects, but also to confirm presence of serious diseases. If you noticed that your pet coughs, surely spend some time for its survey.


1. Hit in airways of pieces of a forage, dust or other foreign objects is the most common cause of cough at a cat. The animal can independently cope with this problem. However if cough does not stop or spasms become more frequent, then the pet should be shown to the expert.

2. Some smells can cause a fit of coughing in a cat. For example, the cough which is followed by sneezing it is possible to observe if the animal inhaled tobacco smoke, a smell of citrus fruits or sharply smelling substances.

3. Frequent and regular cough arises at the animal infected with such diseases as laryngitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, bronchitis and tracheitis. Such diseases affect first of all respiratory organs of a cat therefore quite often are followed by suffocation attacks.

4. In rare instances cough can be caused in a cat by presence of diseases of a cardiovascular system. Such attacks belong to the category of the most dangerous symptoms. Ignoring of such cough can become the reason of a lethal outcome.

5. If cough at a cat arose once and the owner could define without effort his reason, then it is not obligatory to carry out survey of an animal by the expert. It concerns such cases when the cat choked with a forage or a small subject which during cough was safely taken from respiratory bodies and also the moments of inhalation of caustic substances.

6. If the cause of cough did not manage to be defined, then it is better to send a cat for inspection. In certain cases laboratory and clinical trials of this symptom can be necessary. For identification of the cause of cough the veterinarians even carry out special diagnostics of internals of a cat.

7. Pay attention that the lack of the timely help can cause serious damage to health of the pet. Bronchial asthma, for example, can take the chronic form. It is necessary to treat a cat at the same time not one year.

8. At cats as well as people, can have allergic reactions which are also followed by cough. It is possible to reveal allergen by attentive observation of a cat or by means of special analyses.

9. The most common cause of cough at a cat it is possible to call a catarrhal state. If the pet overcooled, ate too cold forages or liquid, then besides cough the animal can receive a full complex of symptoms of cold which practically differs in nothing from a similar state at the person.

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