Why the cat hisses

Why the cat hisses

From the point of view of a cat the hissing is quite natural reaction to an irritant unpleasant to an animal. The person will need a certain share of patience to understand the reasons for which his cat hisses. But subsequently it will be easy for it to calm the pet or at all to avoid situations, stressful for both of them.

Hissing - it is normalFor a start it is necessary to understand that hissing is the same normal sound for a cat as, for example, miaow or purring. In the nature the animals use it not so already seldom to have a talk with relatives, to announce the rights for the territory or food. Most often hissing is combined with the certain pose, namely flexure occupied by a cat of a back and a tail vzjeroshivaniye up. Taking such position, the animal clearly lets know that it is ready to defense, and it is better for opponent to leave away if that does not wish to suffer physically.

Hissing reasons

The cat can sometimes begin to hiss from a fright or she just found something interesting and does not wish to share it with relatives or in general whoever was. Generally, the sound, same from the human point of view, can be caused by the most various reasons and to understand what occurred, it is necessary simply to look narrowly at an animal more attentively.

The most important rule says – it is never impossible to punish suddenly hissed cat. Most likely she made it as a result of the sudden stress which captured it, punishment in this case will only aggravate a situation, will not help razobratsye with the reasons in any way and to prevent such behavior further. It is quite possible that the animal at this moment just ate and regarded your approach as attempt at a tidbit. Especially the kittens who did not acquire conventions of social hierarchy yet sin with such behavior. Or perhaps just at you something dropped out from hands on a floor with loud knock. Here it is precisely possible to tell that hissing was caused by a strong fright.

Playing with a kitten, do not provoke him to hissing that he did not think that it is appropriate also in usual life.

Domestication of a catAnd only if from your point of view the cat hisses without any reasons seen on that, it is possible to try to disaccustom her to this bad habit. If hissing is reaction to your approach, it is better to leave an animal for some time alone and to give it the chance to get used to you. You can sit down nearby on a floor, without trying at the same time neither to approach an animal, nor to call up it, nor to allure delicacy. Just be near, and sooner or later the cat will cease to show fear, perhaps, will even show some interest. But also at this moment you cannot show impatience, to begin to do hasty movements in its party. Remain on the place, talk with it by a low tender voice, wait until the cat itself approaches you and will show desires to be rubbed by a muzzle about a hand.

Never beat a cat, much bigger educational effect it is possible to achieve splashing water in her from a spray.

Education of a cat

If hissing is followed by a scratching or it is even worse - sudden attack from a cat, it is necessary to take strict measures in her otosheniya. Learn to say in reply strict - no then ignore an animal until it does not approach you. It anyway will make sooner or later it, at least because will get hungry. Also other family members have to adhere to just the same line of conduct. Thus you will accurately designate a social status of a cat in the house, she should obey to rules, to recognize in you the person, higher on a rank, on whom it is impossible to hiss at all.

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