Why the dog coughs as if she choked

Why the dog coughs as if she choked

If the dog began to cough is yet not the occasion to panic, but also to ignore it is not necessary. Cough is a protective function of an organism. Time your pet coughs, to that there is a reason. To help an animal, it is necessary to find out what.

Why at a dog does cough develop?

There is a set of the causes of cough in a dog.

Perhaps, your canine friend was bought up or overcooled and, as a result, caught a cold. The first symptom of cold at dogs is cough.

The dog can also catch an infection from a sick dog, for example, Adenovirus. This disease is called still pitomnikovy cough since it lives in places of a congestion of dogs.

If the dog coughs generally during walk, check a collar. Perhaps, it is too tightened and prevents an animal to breathe and swallow normally. Cough can be caused by the fact that at a dog something got stuck in a throat or the upper airways. The dog can begin to cough owing to an allergy to food, dust, chemicals, plants, stings of insects, sprays from fleas and ticks. As a rule, such cough is followed by dacryagogue and sneezing. If at a dog sore heart, then it can also serve as the reason of appearance of cough. Except cough the animal has one more symptom – a gum gain livid color. It is important to understand that cough is not a disease, but a symptom. Therefore for definition of the true cause of cough it is necessary to estimate a condition of a dog in general. For this purpose the animal needs to take temperature, to examine a mouth on presence of ulcers or hemorrhages, to probe a trachea, a stomach, to check whether lymph nodes are increased. It is worth observing whether still some symptoms, for example, of a snivel appeared. If cough does not pass, then your observations will help the veterinarian to make the correct diagnosis.

In what cases does the dog cough as if choked?

Besides other symptoms the nature of cough can very much help to find out, than cough is caused. If the dog coughs as though she choked, so she tries to get rid of what disturbs it. And the foreign subject which got into a throat or bronchial tubes can disturb it. It can be a chip from a stick which she gnawed on the street, seeds, cones, paper, pieces of toys. In this case cough can sometimes be paroxysmal with foamy allocations, and sometimes and with blood. The same character there is cough if the dog inhaled or swallowed poison. Therefore, having noticed such cough, immediately address the veterinarian. Each hour of delay can cost to a dog life. You could treat the pet in hot weather with ice cream or give to drink cold water, and at a dog the throat ached, tonsils inflamed. They disturb it, and she tries to cough up them as a foreign matter. The dog can also try to otkharkivat worms. If to a dog did not carry out prevention of helminths long ago, and them a huge number accumulated, then they can freely walk on a gullet and disturb it, and cough she will try to get rid of them.

What to do if the dog coughs?

If the dog several times coughed, at the same time she is playful and normally eats, then the owner needs to undertake nothing. Just observe an animal. If cough at the pet does not stop within a day, or there is short wind, temperature increases, the dog becomes sluggish and indifferent, then it is necessary to go to the doctor. You should not be engaged in independent treatment, it is possible to determine only the possible cause of cough by symptoms. The true picture is shown only by results of inspection. Therefore not to fight then against complications, it is necessary to ask for the help the expert at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team