Why the dog eats a grass

Why the dog eats a grass

Some habits of dogs seem to their owners unnatural, causing bewilderment and concern. In particular, it is possible to refer eating of a grass to such habits. Why dogs eat a grass?

In spite of the fact that dogs are carnivores, practically all their owners had to face that the favourite suddenly begins to eat a grass with big appetite. Naturally, many owners are disturbed by a question of that, such behavior is how normal.

Especially often such situations happen at the beginning of spring. As a rule, during this period of year the immunity of a dog - as however, and the person - is a little weakened. Antibacterial substances - phytoncides contain the majority of plants which are chosen by your favourite as "dessert". Thanks to the use of these substances the immunity of a dog increases. Still it was in ancient times known that hard sick animal needs to be released to the forest. There the dog will be able to find medical plants necessary for it. Attempts of a dog diversify "menu" by means of a grass can be connected with incorrectly balanced food. Consult with the veterinarian and, if necessary, increase quantity of the cereals and vegetables entering a daily diet of your dog. Many dogs eat a grass at emergence of problems with a stomach. As they are predators, their organism is not really adapted for digestion of vegetable fibers. Getting into a stomach, the grass irritates its mucous and causes vomiting. Thus the stomach of a dog is cleaned and there is a bile outflow. You watch closely behavior of a dog. If you notice that the animal eats a grass daily and in large numbers, then it is necessary to see consultation the veterinarian, to make necessary inspections. Sometimes such behavior can be caused by serious problems of digestive system. Do not allow an animal is the grass growing along highways and also about garbage cans or buildings. It is also necessary to watch that the dog did not eat the plants processed by various chemicals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team