Why the goat craps balls

Why the goat craps balls

Many inhabitants keep a livestock in villages. It allows to have the milk and meat always. Many get goats who it is much simpler in the contents, than more cattle. However not all know about their distinctive physiological signs.

The city person who carried out all the life in the megalopolis and on a holiday left or to ride mountain skiing, or sunbathed on the beach, or wandered about twisting small streets of the ancient European cities, in general a lot of things surprise after arrival to the village. Especially children – as absolutely small, and school age are surprised to what was seen. A lot of emotions in them is caused by pets, and out of curiosity the kid can ask even the most unexpected questions of them.

Why the goat craps peas?

Between goats and cows there is some similarity. Both those, and others spend night in a shed or the shed, and are grazed on a meadow or in the forest in the afternoon. Each of them eats a grass (in the winter and in the spring it can be hay) and drinks water. However waste of activity of these animals who live in the principle in identical conditions look absolutely differently. To define that cows were in the field grazed, it is possible that it "is plentifully mined" by so-called cow flat cakes (excrement of cows and bulls has the form of a wide flat circle). The goat reserves the medium-sized dense balls without the expressed smell which usually have diameter no more than 2 cm. Why excrement of these animals looks differently?

It is all about features of an organism of each of pets. For example, the digestive tract of a cow acquires moisture from food not really actively, and the digested food in liquid consistence just flows on it. It is logical that at the exit the puddle of excrements which, drying up, becomes that "cow flat cake" turns out. At dogs, for example, normal moisture is soaked up more intensively, than at cattle therefore their excrement has oblong shape.

At last, the small livestock, such as goats, acquires moisture in a digestive tract almost completely. Drying up, the digested remains of food are divided into small fragments. They get a streamline shape, moving on intestines. For this reason after defecation of a goat there is a small group of activity waste, similar to pebble, − in other words, "the goat craps balls".

For what the goat in a household is necessary?

First of all, a goat – absolutely unpretentious pet. It is much simpler to keep her in economy, than a cow, and the goat eats much less. It daily gives from liter and fatter milk which is considered curative. Scarfs and socks from goat wool very warm, easy and soft. The goat is very clever animal who many owners put on one step of development with cats and dogs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team