Why the kitten does not mew

Why the kitten does not mew

Owners of cats are disturbed more often by excessive "talkativeness" of favourites, than their silence. However obvious dumbness of the pet guards, in particular if business concerns kittens. If the animal is in tender age, it will be hard to find out whether the reticence is sign of the desease or the closed character.

Taciturn persons from the birthHow many cats, are so much and characters – it is possible, you just became the owner of especially reticent kitten. If the kid well eats, plays, in his behavior no strangenesses – chances are observed that he just does not like to communicate with the help of a voice, are very high. Perhaps, eventually the kitten will become more sociable and will begin to remind of himself loud miaow. There are also "mute" cats never giving votes. If at this health of an animal does not raise doubts, then owners need only to reconcile.

Some cat breeds are especially silent – for example, phlegmatic Persians, short-legged manchkina. Many representatives of the Scottish lop-eared breed, and also Maine Coons are reticent.

If the kitten is picked up on the street, perhaps, he just is afraid to give a vote, trying not to draw excess attention to itself. If new owners are tender and patient, the kid shortly will begin to trust them.

It is often possible to notice how cats open a mouth silently – there is an opinion that these animals are capable to communicate with each other in the ultrasonic range, making sounds of such frequency which people do not perceive. A kitten, having got used to communicate thus with mother, tries "to talk" and with people, without understanding yet that he is not heard.

If you nevertheless something guards in behavior immoderately the silent pet, it is worth checking his hearing – deaf cats can how to mew loudly, often and inattentively, and not to make any sounds at all.

The kitten lost a voice?If the animal ceased to mew suddenly, pay attention to its state. Loss of a voice can be symptom of laryngitis – at the same time the kitten becomes sluggish, loses appetite, can begin to cough. Often sick animals long lie, having extended a neck. If to glance to the pet in a throat, on mucous a mouth and drinks can be noticeable sores or reddening. Veterinarians subdivide laryngitis into primary and secondary. Primary laryngitis is caused by overcooling if spent an animal long time on cold or drank cold water. Secondary laryngitis – a consequence of more serious disease which can appear rhinotracheitis, kaltsiviroz or even rage. Therefore if at a kitten symptoms of laryngitis are observed, it is necessary to show immediately it to the veterinarian or to call the doctor on the house. Sometimes sudden loss of a voice happens because in a drink of a kitten the foreign matter – a fish bone, a needle, a part of a toy got stuck. At the same time the animal chokes, coughs, from a mouth saliva quite often flows. It is not necessary to try to take the got stuck subject independently – at kittens of a drink very narrow, the danger to push a sharp object further and even more to wound a throat of an animal is high. Ask for the emergency help the veterinarian, he will take a foreign matter with smaller losses.

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