10 councils for hair care

10 councils for hair care

Hair care – routine occupation, however even it is necessary to follow certain rules here. 10 councils thanks to which your hair will be beautiful and healthy:

  1. Wash the head in process of its pollution

Some people consider that if long not to wash the head, then hair will get used over time and will begin to become soiled more slowly. This idea is quite misleading. We do not wash face skin of times in three days that it has replaced type from fat with normal.

Head skin essentially differs in nothing from face skin therefore hair need to be washed at once as soon as they become dirty. If, having washed the head shampoo, you feel that hair insufficiently clean, it is possible to use special srubs, salts, dirt and clays.

  1. Do not wash the head with hot water

Hot water injures hair and excessively steams out head skin that causes hair loss. Wash the head with warmish water, and rinse upon termination of washing – cold.

It will be ideal to add a little vinegar (table, wine or apple) when rinsing that will smooth surface and will make hairs shiny.

  1. Soap hair only in radical zone

Applying shampoo on length of hair, you only overdry them. There will be enough foam which is flowing down on hair at shampoo washing off to wash out length.

  1. Blot hair with towel before putting balm

Surplus of moisture on hair will not allow balm to be absorbed. It can just flow down. Therefore it is desirable to blot hair with towel and only then to apply balm. The same needs to be done also when using masks.

  1. You do not apply balm to head skin

Balms and conditioners cannot be applied to head skin even if on the label the return is written. If you use inorganic means, then the silicones and other ingredients creating film on hair are their part. To head skin such film prevents to breathe, creates greenhouse effect that can cause hair loss and dandruff.

Balm needs to be applied, receding from roots of 15-20 centimeters (from ears below).

Council: For a long time leaving damp towel on hair, you also create hotbed for head skin. It is worth leaving towel on hair at most for 5-10 minutes. It is impossible to tighten hardly it – you can press and injure hair.

  1. It is necessary to comb hair before washing of hair and it is impossible - right after

Before washing of the head it is desirable to comb hair to untangle them. If not to make it, when washing the hair will get confused even stronger because of what part of them will be pulled out at further combing.

On the contrary it is undesirable to comb wet hair. They need to allow to dry up but only then to comb hair. From the damp, steamed-out skin much easier unintentionally to pull out hair.

  1. Do not rub moist hair towel and do not rub means when washing in length of hair

Wet hair very fragile and brittle, them it is impossible to rub strongly. You put means on length, do not rub, do not twist hair.

Do not rub hair towel, and delicately get wet.

  1. Do not use the shampoos containing rigid washing substances (surfactants)

This council concerns owners not only dry, but also fat type of head skin. Aggressive surfactant will not make your head of hear cleaner, they will only overdry skin and will make hair more fragile. Try not to buy shampoos in which active ingredient are SLS, SLES and similar rigid surfactant.

Organic shampoos with soft structures will become the ideal choice. For curly hair balm-kovoshing will become the fine decision.

  1. Comb hair more often and do massage of head skin

It is necessary to comb hair at least twice a day. Doing it, you stimulate blood inflow, so - oxygen, to hair follicles, feeding and strengthening hair. For the same purposes also massage of head skin is necessary. It is enough to do of it several times a week.

It is necessary to comb hair from tips, rising to roots and untangling all small knots. If you begin to comb hair from roots down, then all tangled sites will be mixed up even stronger, you receive plica poconica and will pull out many hair.

Council: You can grease hairbrush (the wooden crest with rare teeths will be ideal) with several drops of the essential oil improving blood-groove to comb hair, and then in addition to massage head skin fingers.

It is good to do such procedure for the night – the smell of favourite essential oil together with light massage will perfectly relax you, will reduce stress and will help to fall asleep quicker.

  1. Do not subject hair to stress because of low or high temperatures

If you dry hair phenom, try to do it by cool air, previously putting means for thermoprotection. In the winter, going outside, hide hair under clothes, and protect them from harmful sunshine funds from SPF in the flying, and it is better – hat.

In this article we have considered how it is correct to look after hair, to wash, dry and comb them. At observance of these simple rules you will achieve force, health and hair shine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team