10 councils for ideal manicure

10 councils for ideal manicure

The situation when all evening you potter with manicure is familiar to you, but suddenly one awkward movement spoils all picture? Do not worry - it happens to everyone and all this can be corrected. There is number of councils which will allow to do faultless manicure always.

It is required to you

  • - lemon
  • - acetone
  • - nail file for polish of nails
  • - transparent varnish (it is desirable, with medicinal properties)
  • - oil after covering of nails it is delicious
  • - fixer of the applied varnish


1. It is impossible to grease hands with cream before applying varnish - it will not undertake exactly because of layer of fat. The nail plate should be wiped at first with acetone and to wash up with lemon juice.

2. It is necessary to apply varnish on the smooth, polished nails, for this purpose it is necessary to use special nail file. The varnish coat applied on smooth nails will be easier put and to keep longer.

3. Before painting nail the main varnish coat (color or painting), it is the best of all to apply basic transparent varnish - it will be able to level nail plate and to protect it from harmful influence of varnish.

4. Varnish is recommended to be stored in the dark and cool place and it is not necessary to shake bottle with it at all - so you will mix contents with air and it will much quicker dry up. It is the best of all to take bottle vertically and to quickly twist it between hands.

5. It is the best of all to begin painting of nails with little finger. When you paint nails from left to right - reduce risk accidentally to touch the painted nails with hand.

6. It is not necessary to apply too thick varnish coat on nails - it will dry too long and afterwards will very quickly peel off. It is better to put couple of thin layers, having waited for until each of them entirely dries.

7. If to you is often passed to paint nails before going to bed, then in this case for you special oil after covering will be irreplaceable (it is possible to find in cosmetic shops). This means will allow varnish on nails quickly to dry, and the texture of bed linen will not imprint on the painted nails.

8. On brush it is necessary to gain exactly such amount of varnish which will be able exactly to cover nail plate - no more, it is not less.

9. To fix varnish and to make nail stronger, it is worth using special varnish-fixer.

10. The tube top with varnish after painting of nails needs to be wiped with the cotton wool wetted by acetone - it will allow varnish to live longer, and next time packing will open much easier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team