10 reasons of aging

10 reasons of aging

leaves also it not to return. Why some people grow old very quickly, and some remain young in 60 years, and both externally, and internally? What basic reasons of aging of organism?


  1. Stress. The stress has serious negative impact absolutely on all organism up to decrease in immunity. The stress leads to diseases, and diseases lead to aging.
  2. Alcohol. Alcohol leads to rather fast wear of organism. Presently it is one of the negative destroying factors. If you take alcohol, the organism begins to grow old twice quicker.
  3. Passivity. To live, the organism needs to move. People who move to lives a little grow old quicker, than more active people. All know that the movement is life.
  4. Improper feeding, consumption of greasy food. Food which contains many calories of fats, carcinogens and other hazardous substances, raises cholesterol which causes diseases of heart and aging of skin in organism.
  5. Smoking. According to the statistics, at the smoking person the life is on average 14 flyings shorter, than at non-smoking.
  6. Ecology. The polluted air and the atmosphere, bad water, all this also influences aging.
  7. Ultra-violet radiation. During the summer period on aging of skin the long stay influences the sun.
  8. Lack of dream. The dream is vital to restore forces, the lack of dream can lead to serious problems.
  9. Excess weight. Excess weight forces organism to work under trying conditions, thereby bringing closer to aging.
  10. Excessive consumption of sweet. Especially it concerns those who eat granulated sugar in large number. Consumption of sugar negatively affects both health, and excess weight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team