10 things on which the beautiful woman will not begin to save

10 things on which the beautiful woman will not begin to save

ability is economical to spend money – excellent quality for the woman. At the same time it is not important, she keeps the family budget or expects only own means. However there are points, but which you should not save, beauty, health and the correct sincere spirit depend on them.

Comfortable footwear

Flats, boots, stiletto shoes, loafers or sneakers – footwear can be any. The main thing is to buy only qualitative models with convenient block, suitable specific foot. Acquisition of footwear without fitting – way to flat-footedness, callosities and other troubles. The same can be told also about shoes or boots from cheap leatherette. They are inconvenient in sock, quickly are worn out, burst on bends.

When choosing it is necessary to pay attention to all trifles: thickness and material of sole and insole, convenience of rise, optimum height of heel. To find inexpensive, fashionable and most comfortable shoes very difficult, it is necessary to pay the considerable sum for ideal footwear.  


Depends on quality of linen as dresses, blouses and jackets will sit. Besides expensive bras, shorts and baud keep form after frequent washings, do not stretch, do not fade and do not lose attractive appearance. Models of premium class will have no annoying shortcomings like the inconvenient fasteners, too thin shoulder straps or sharp metal stones tearing fabric. During creation of expensive linen all trifles are considered.

However you should not think that bras and pants of premium class live forever. Over time fabric will lose elasticity, color will become less bright. That things served as long as possible, it is worth being spent and buy 2-3 sets at once, and then to carry them in turn. The safety of linen will be ensured by special sacks for washing, quality gel or powder and careful drying.

Tea and coffee

Some women love coffee, others choose tea, the third pay tribute to both drinks. To derive t them true pleasure, it is necessary to choose products of the superior quality. Coffee of fresh roasting differs in the pleasant balanced taste and well tones up. The composition of mix can differ depending on personal taste, gourmets prefer to buy grains and to grind them independently.

Lovers of tea should forget about bags and artificial fragrances, having expanded collection at the expense of fashionable detox teas and mixes with natural additives: citrus oils, spices, flower petals. Such drinks will turn any breakfast or dinner into the real ceremony.   

Services of the hairdresser

Good hairstyle – basis of stylish female image. Unfortunately, services of the professional colourist and the hairdresser cost expensive. But the result will be more impressive. Correctly made hairstyle does not need difficult laying, after washing and the correct drying hair lay down in the set direction. The hairstyle looks not only beautifully, but really expensively and statusno.


Only women with teeth, faultless by nature can save on services of the dentist. Other it is necessary to be spent not only for the therapist, but also for the orthodontist, the hygienist, the specialist in bleaching. But modern technologies allow to create ideal smile even in the most hopeless cases. To avoid fatal mistakes, complications and pain, it is necessary to treat and restore teeth only in good clinics at the checked experts.  

Tone means

It is possible to buy inexpensive lipstick or the most plain ink, but the form, the proofreader and powder have to be really good. The best products issue brands of luxury and professional level. Such tone means create effect of second skin: more smooth, healthy, young and well-groomed. The applied cream does not fail during time, does not dry and does not shine, need to constantly adjust make-up vanishes.


Cheap perfume will spoil the most stylish image. The real woman will prefer quality perfumery with not banal aroma from the category of selectives. It can be toilet and perfumery water of the known perfumery houses or fashionable niche. Price of such creations cannot be low, but good perfume differs in amazing firmness.


Keeping figure, women often refuse to themselves favourite delicacies. But it is the wrong approach: the organism deprived of flavoring emotions can break, extra kilos will become result inevitably. The dosed use of really expensive and qualitative delicacies will help to avoid temptation. They are eaten in the microscopic portions, savouring each piece. Lovers of sweet will be pleased by expensive Swiss or French chocolate, cookies of pasta, natural ice cream from whole cream, tasty cakes and cakes without artificial additives. Those who prefers salty and sharp should taste various cheeses, black caviar, raw smoked sausage or the Spanish jamón.

Mattress and bed linen

Beautiful and comfortable bed – pledge of qualitative dream which, as we know, restores beauty. The good spring mattress which can be softer or very elastic is capable to provide comfortable stay. Also the bed linen from natural cotton or flax is required. It is hygroscopic, nice on the touch, does not slide and does not get off. Instead of bright coloring and large prints it is better to choose quieter monophonic options. Special luxury – linen from natural silk.

Good coat

Completing clothes, the woman with pleasure buy jackets, skirts and even evening dresses, and here coats often select according to the residual principle. Meanwhile it is necessary to wear outerwear several months in year, and it forms stylish image.

Upon purchase of coat it is necessary to pay attention to fabric. Cheap synthetics quickly loses attractive look, is rumpled, becomes covered by pellets. Quality merino wool, the alpaca or cashmere look presentably even after several months daily socks. It is as it should be simple to support such things: it is only important to dry them after rain or sleet, and at the end of season to hand over in good dry-cleaner. By the way, expensive coat will serve much longer, than 2-3 cheap so, nevertheless will not do without economy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team