10 ways of fight against wrinkles

10 ways of fight against wrinkles

After 25 flyings, skin of the woman is exposed to aging. There is it because the amount of collagen begins to decrease gradually and, therefore, wrinkles develop. Therefore to avoid skin presenilation, it is necessary to look after it daily and to follow several simple and rules available to all.

10 ways of fight against wrinkles

1. Refusal of addictions, especially smoking. Nicotine harmful influences all organism including on face skin. Also it is impossible to lean constantly on the person during sitting at table. It is undesirable to blink eyes, otherwise around eyes "goose pads" will appear.

2. Protection of the person against ultraviolet. During the summer period skin has to be completely protected from the sun. For this purpose it is necessary to buy special creams with rather high SPF. Also it is worth putting on sunglasses not to frown eye at bright light.

3. Walks in the fresh air. The integument of the person needs continuous saturation of cages oxygen. Therefore it is necessary to walk as often as possible in the fresh air in morning or evening hours.

4. Correct cosmetics. Cosmetics need to be selected, proceeding from weather conditions and season. It is worth giving preference to creams with light texture in the summer, and here during the winter period skin needs constant good moistening.

5. Balanced food. In order that skin shone beauty, it is necessary not only to look after her from the outside, but also to pay attention to food. Fruit which are rich with cellulose and vitamins "A" and "E" help to improve condition of integument. Also it is worth eating seafood, meat and eggs. In diet of each woman there have to be nuts, honey and sunflower seeds.

6. Correct removal of make-up. It is necessary to delete make-up carefully, without special effort. It is enough to wipe slightly skin several times, at the same time often changing cotton pads.

7. Skin clarification. Once a week it is necessary to carry out deep purification of leather to remove the remained particles of dead cages on integument.

8. Gymnastics and massage. At regular self-massage it is possible to get rid in short terms of small wrinkles.

9. Minimum use of tone means. Powder and foundation cannot be used daily. These two means hammer time and block cages from oxygen.

10. Dream. Skin needs rest too. Therefore that wrinkles have not developed ahead of time, all organism needs to allow to have a rest. The dream has to last not less than 8 hours. During this time the integument will manage to be restored and will gain beauty and health.

Do not scorn these opinion and already shortly you will notice considerable results.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team