11 councils for care for face skin

11 councils for care for face skin

Each girl respecting herself knows secrets on face skin care. She carefully watches beauty, purity and health of skin. Every day to look attractive, girls apply cosmetics, and for all day. Sometimes even forget to wash away it that is very bad. From it pimples, black dots, rash and many other unpleasant formations develop.

These simple rules will help you to keep beauty of your skin, its purity and youth!

1. Wash. Water calms and purifies skin.

2. Before putting cosmetics surely purify skin with lotion and apply day cream. Cream will moisturize your skin, will restore water balance, and lotion will perfectly clean it from pollution. Be careful! Lotions can dry up your skin therefore surely after its application smear face with the moisturizing cream.

3. Use cosmetics only under your type of skin. So, if it at you dry, do not use cosmetics for oily skin at all, – it will even more dry up skin. Usually on packing write structure and application, in particular – for what type of skin cosmetics is intended.

4. You put night cream on face: even at night skin needs moistening and nutrition. You can use cream against wrinkles, it depends on age category.

5. Surely wash away cosmetics before going to bed: skin has to have a rest and be recovered.

6. Visit the cosmetologist, do cleaning – then you should not cause large amount of cosmetics for alignment of tone of the person. It is very useful for your skin and appearance in general.

7. Use srubs – they perfectly clean and matt skin, delete devitalized parts. Your skin breathes. But srubs should using not more often than two times a week as they easily injure skin.

8. Do masks – they very well clean pores. There are also masks which are rejuvenating, tightening and many others. They can be made as of natural components, for example, from clay or fruit, and on the basis of chemical compositions.

9. Clean face skin with special tonic. In its structure there is no alcohol, and it promotes careful clarification of skin from cosmetics.

10. Use milk for cosmetics removal. It very gentle on consistence therefore skin is not injured.

11. Wipe skin with ice in the morning – so skin will look fresh. Besides, such procedure helps to cheer up and to wake up finally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team