15 myths about beauty

15 myths about beauty

The aspiration of people to perfection is quite needs of nature. Perfectly and remarkably, if you want to be irresistible and to be pleasant to people around. But recently many myths about female beauty have scattered. Let's understand once and for all what of them are the truth, and what lie.


  1. Myth 1: Only black ink does eyes expressive. The truth - lie. Many stylists and makeup artists recommend to use black ink only to brown-eyed brunettes. If you have green eyes, be painted with brown ink if blue - sulfur.
  2. Myth 2: Powder is not necessary if to use foundation. Truth and lie. Powder fixes make-up for all day. But it is also possible to do and without foundation, it is simple to apply powder, or on the contrary.
  3. Myth 3: Bronze powders and lotions of aktulna only in the flying. Lie. Just do not use bronzers as universal remedy in the winter, covering with it all face as you did it in the flying.
  4. Myth 4: Any proofreader can disguise circles under eyes. Lie. For masking of pimples and dark circles means of different shades are necessary. Under eyes - yellow, and for heat-spots - beige.
  5. Myth 5: Blush has to be more dark than skin color. Truth. But they have to give to the face gentle shine, but not sharply contrast with skin color.
  6. Myth 6: In the evening shadows with nacre are necessary. Truth. Nacre and gloss in no time will turn any make-up into festive. But you should not forget that brilliant cosmetics emphasizes skin reddenings.
  7. Myth 7: It is impossible to comb wet hair. Lie. Just refuse crests and hairbrushes with steel teeths. Wet hair really easily break therefore comb them slowly and accurately.
  8. Myth 8: Frequent washing of hair does them dry and fragile. Lie. Much more hair are injured if to wash them too seldom. You can wash hair though every day - only buy shampoo for frequent use.
  9. Myth 9: It is possible to drink less water in the winter. Lie. The need of organism for water depends not on season, and on circumstances.
  10. Myth 10: Skin of lips will become soft if to make massage toothbrush. Lie. The toothbrush can injure gentle and dry skin of lips. Use balm better - lips will become softer.
  11. Myth 11: Exercises for the person slow down appearance of wrinkles. Truth lie. Anyway, the best antidote from the first wrinkles special cosmetics.
  12. Myth 12: It is necessary to apply cream after skin has dried. Lie. On the contrary, when skin is steamed out, time is opened - it is a high time to saturate it with useful substances.
  13. Myth 13: After shaving the hair grow dark and rigid. Lie. The hairs which are simply growing after shaving look more dark and are pricked. You pass to waxing - after each procedure the hair will become thinner and softer.
  14. Myth 14: After dream it is possible to awaken skin cold water. Lie. Regular washing by too cold or too hot water - big loading for vessels, they can strongly extend therefore skin will redden.
  15. Myth 15: In the winter hair become more dark. Lie. Hair do not change color in the winter, just because of cloudy lighting they look dim. If you want to avoid it, dye hair in brighter or light tone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team