1860-1880: how did sell cosmetics Avon in these times?

1860-1880: how did sell cosmetics Avon in these times?

history of the Avon company as any usual inconspicuous company began. Initially only spirits, but how were on sale? Let's remember these already far times.

For the first time sales have begun to be carried out by means of attachment of small bottles of perfume to books. It was great option of sale by the publishing agency of both books, and spirits. The owner of the edition has thought up such marketing mix. So some time proceeded. Towards the end of the 1860th years the activities for sale of spirits were considerably expanded. At that moment the range of goods increased, and the company has employed one female distributor. It was the ordinary housewife who just sold several years products Avon (then the company was called differently) to other people, acquaintances to it.

Closer by 1880th years a lot of things have changed. Then, except one main distributor, about 500 more other women have appeared. They were too the housewives offering spirits for reward (percent from sale) to familiar and other people.

Products from popular were sold by the special way far today. By the way, if to remember recent boom in the direction of sale of cosmetic goods and various devices for the house by means of round of office rooms and the offer to their workers of goods, it is possible to provide approximate picture of sales Avon of times of 1860-1880. Then women sold goods, bypassing houses and apartments of locals. Sometimes they went to other settlements where clients paid for cosmetics in flour, eggs and we designate. There were even separate price lists, for example, for roll-on deodorant asked two dozens eggs. Such sales were modern only for number of the countries where Avon gradually gained popularity, and here in the European states everything was on sale mainly for money.

Also advertizing of cosmetic goods gained steam. For example, spirits were often advertized so: If you have fetid odor from mouth, buy cologne bottle, he will help you to hide trouble. Cosmetics was sold also under the auspices of masking of shortcomings though it these years and was very little. The main boom of production and updating of cosmetics has fallen on the middle of the 20th century.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team