19 main components of which it is possible to make own cosmetic mask

19 main components of which it is possible to make own cosmetic mask

Face packs usually are formed from those nutritious and curative components which we have "near at hand" – in the fridge, on shelf in case or in house first-aid kit. Knowing properties and the principle of action of these components and also considering type of the skin, it is possible to make own cosmetic mask of those products which we have at present easily.

1. Water

Water – basis of bases, life source. It moisturizes the skin, so – protects from drying and, as a result, – from aging. For masks it is better to use water butylated, mineral, filtered or frozen-defrozen. Water is suitable for any skin.

2. Milk and cream

Dairy products are incredibly useful to our organism both at intake, and when using outside. Milk and cream clean, feed, soften, bleach skin. Are suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin more.

3. Sour cream, kefir, cottage cheese, whey

Also very useful products and as for oily skin which they clean and feed, and for dry and normal on which they have the refreshing and bleaching effect.

4. Vegetable oil

Vitamin E well. It is possible to use any oil, but most often in cosmetology olive and almond oils and also grape seed oil are used – they soften, nourish and clean skin.

5. Germinal oils

Oils from germs, that is germinated seeds of wheat, oats, rye, corn, etc. nourish skin with vitamins, enzymes, hormones. Especially are suitable for the dry, sensitive and inflamed skin.

6. Honey

Honey is natural concentrate of vitamins and microelements. It feeds, vitaminizes, disinfects skin and also softens it. When using honey it is necessary to be careful as it can cause allergy.

7. Egg

Egg – unique product in which all nutrients necessary for living organism are collected! Egg white and yolk a little differently affect our skin: protein – narrows pores, dries, tightens and smoothes wrinkles, slightly bleaches; the yolk – very intensively feeds, first of all, with potassium and phosphorus, tightens.

8. Baker's yeast

Yeast is very vitamin-rich groups B. They nourish any skin, and fat also clean.

9. Oat flakes

Contain the mass of useful substances therefore intensively nourish and tone up any skin. At the expense of firm parts purify skin, working as srub.

10. Potatoes

Very valuable product in cosmetology and medicine. Resorptional properties of potatoes are well-known therefore it can be applied to elimination of reddenings and inflammations on face and also to reduction of circles and bags under eyes. Besides, potatoes have nutritious effect on skin. It is used both in crude, and in boiled look.

11. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are incredibly useful to oily skin as they have property to dissolve skin fat. Besides, they nourish and vitaminize skin, rejuvenate the withering skin.

12. Lemons

Lemon juice also has property to dissolve skin fat, to tone up, narrow pores. The high content of vitamin C does lemon juice very nutritious for skin. Still it very well bleaches skin, levels complexion and reduces pigmentation.

13. Cucumbers

Cucumbers can be put on face differently: to slice thin, to crush in puree by means of grater or the blender, to wring out juice – effect of cucumber anyway will be very useful: moistening, softening, tightening and bleaching.

14. Apple

Apple for masks is prepared also, as well as cucumber. Apple has tonic effect, in particular on dry skin, feeds and vitaminizes, eliminates inflammations and irritations.

15. Carrot juice

Carrot juice is rich with the beta carotene so useful to skin. Carrots remove inflammations, soften, feed and improve complexion.

16. Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut or its juice are suitable for oily porous skin. Again the property to dissolve skin fat allows to clean pores, to refresh and tighten skin, and the high content of nutrients – "to feed up" it vitamins and microelements.

17. Aloe juice

Juice of aloe nourishes skin with enzymes, humidifies, has the rejuvenating effect. Before use several days in the cool dark place are recommended to sustain aloe leaves to activate useful substances.

18. Clay (different flowers)

It is good all-type skin. Helps to extend dirt and fat from skin, tightens skin, eliminates pigmentation.

19. Baking soda

Soda is very widely applied in cosmetology as the soft peeling and degreasing means. Soda is applied in combination with water or other liquid components.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team