3 ways of bleaching of nails

3 ways of bleaching of nails

Well-groomed hands and nails already in itself are ornament. And they decorate not only women, however women, as a rule, pay to manicure close attention. The yellowness of nails is peculiar bulletin, warning that it is necessary not just to do manicure, and to be engaged in own health.

Sharp yellowing of nail plates can be consequence of viral diseases, diabetes, diseases of cardiovascular or endocrine system. In these cases it is necessary not to bleach nails, and to receive medical treatment, appointed the qualified physician. Also it is necessary to remember vitamins and to diversify the diet.

Smoking, low-quality varnishes and various means of household chemicals getting directly on nail plate can become other reasons of unhealthy color of nails. In this case it is possible to fight against the turned yellow nails independently or to register in the procedure of bleaching in good beauty shop. There are special cosmetics allocated just for clarification of nails. For example, the bleaching pencil has instant effect. It is applied on tips of nails from their reverse side. Experts recommend to carry out the procedure for the night that in the morning to receive desirable result. However, one of the most serious shortcomings of this way is that the pencil is quickly washed away, and nails become only one tone lighter after that. Besides, by means of pencil only tips are clarified, and color of the nail does not change.

The bleaching varnish needs to be combined with other ways of bleaching as it gives only temporary effect.

In salons for the procedure of bleaching special varnish, the professional bleaching medicines and baths with special structure is used. The bleaching varnish – the most high-speed means. Only several minutes later after its drawing, nails considerably brighten and take accurater form. Usually resort to its help before important actions. Gradual clarification of nails makes much more useful impact on health of nails and beauty of manicure. Cosmetologists suggest to use baths with essential oils and the special clarifying powders and also bleaching cream.

If visits of beauty shops for any reasons do not cause enthusiasm, it is possible to cope with the turned yellow nails and in house conditions, having used either special cosmetics, or national recipes.

For bleaching of nails without leaving the house, usually use lemon juice, soda, peroxide of hydrogen and, strangely enough, toothpaste. Ingredients mix in various proportions and apply on nails as mask. Through several similar procedures, yellow raid will disappear. However it is necessary to behave with these means extremely carefully as they irritate the skin and "eat" protective enamel of nail if in time not to wash away mask. Besides, after such procedures, it is necessary to apply essential oils and nutritious creams on hands. However, no cosmetics will be able to replace natural processes, and therefore refuse addictions, enter the products containing calcium and vitamin C into diet use rubber gloves during the cleaning and work with chemicals. Do not neglect hand and nails care products. All this will return to nails healthy look, and the woman – rest and confidence in own irresistibility.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team