3 ways to lose weight by New year

3 ways to lose weight by New year

Each woman wants to look especially delightful on New Year's Eve, wants the chosen dress ideally to sit on beautiful figure. Let's assume that remained to time about New year very little - month. How to dump two-three, and better five kilograms in month? Such ways are, at least, there are 3 ways to lose weight by New year.


1. 1 way - traditional. Beginning directly from this day we introduce iron rules in way of life: 1. Since the morning and till 12:00 we allow ourselves to eat any products and dishes, everything what is wanted, in any quantity, even cookies. But we remember that it is so possible to arrive only till 12:00! 2. From 12:00 till 18:00 it is allowed to eat proteinaceous food (meat, eggs, fish, low-fat cottage cheese) and vegetable dishes. Example - stewed fish with vegetable garnish.3. After 18:00 nothing is it is impossible, absolutely nothing. It is possible to drink only water, green tea how many you will wish. One more new rule - one day a week unloading: to drink water and green tea without restrictions, there is nothing it is impossible. This way precisely will help to dump excess several kilogram by New Year. But if you have not got used so will eat, follow these rules not easy.

2. The 2nd way kitchen electronic scales, the table of caloric content of different products and the calculator will be necessary for those who love mathematics - calculation of calories For weight loss on this way. You weigh what you are going to eat, you multiply by the tabular caloric content of this product and you receive the caloric content of this portion of food. You write down in notebook how many calories have received, for example, for breakfast. And so you write down during the whole day. In day it is allowed ""nayest"" 1300-1500 kilocalories, neither it is more, nor it is less. Less than 1300 is it is not necessary, it will only interfere with weight loss process. Is it is possible that you will wish though chocolates. If only not to exceed admissible day caloric content. Of course, it is more preferable to eat full-fledged dish from the same cottage cheese, than to eat rolls. In this case your organism will receive much more substances which are actually necessary for it. But, I repeat, there are no restrictions in the choice of products. One moment - towards the end of day when you need to eat food on 200 - 300 kilocalories before eating dinner, at first weigh and shortchange him. Whether 1300 - 1500 kcal in day will turn out at you if you eat it? If more than 1500 kcal turn out - cut down portion or refuse absolutely. To sustain such diet rather easily, there is no feeling of hunger. The main thing to overcome the laziness all this to weigh, to consider and write down. If not to break, then loss of 3-5 kg in month is provided.

3. The 3rd way - interesting, for those it is boring for whom to grow thin in the traditional ways. For those to whom laziness to count caloric content. This diet is called ""5 spoons"". Perhaps, you also heard about it earlier, it exists for a long time. The essence of this diet - needs to be eaten on 5 tablespoons of any product every three hours. Products are any, you can the whole day there are gingerbreads. But about 5 spoons are obligatory, and 3 hours are obligatory to maintain break. If products firm, it is necessary to take such quantity which when crushing would be located in the volume of 5 tablespoons. This diet is psychologically easily transferred as that you forbid nothing to yourself. All is possible for you, but with small restrictions, it is similar to some game.

4. You will choose that way which is closer to you, and apply. And then for New Year you will look stunningly!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team