4 recipes of medical bathtubs

4 recipes of medical bathtubs

The bathtub is place where it is possible to retire and stay at rest. Taking medical bath, you should not use soap or shampoo. If it is necessary, then before the bathroom take shower.

Milk pan. Such bathtub supports your youth, slightly bleaches, nourishes and moistens skin. Milk activates metabolism and removes toxins.

For milk pan you need 1 liter of freshly cooked broth of wormwood (3 tablespoons of grass on 1 liter of boiled water) and 1 liter of hot unsterilized milk of normal fat content (3.5%). Duration of acceptance of bathtub – 20 minutes. After bathtub do not take shower and you do not apply lotion. Be wrapped in plush robe and have a rest half an hour.

Sea bathtub. The bathtub with sea salt possesses the anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and anesthetizing action. Sea salt has the stimulating impact on the immune system, normalizes dream. 

For preparation of sea bathtub it is required to you: 200 grams of sea salt, 150 grams of honey, 7 drops of lavender oil. Take bath no more than 15 minutes. After bathtub of 20 minutes have a rest, having wrapped in dressing gown. After that take shower without washing substances and apply the moisturizing body lotion.

Flower bathtub. Such bathtub improves psychoemotional state and well weakens all organism.

Dissolve 7 drops of essential oil of rose in 1 tablespoon of almond oil for skin care. Add to bathtub together with 75 grams of fresh petals of roses or dry buds of roses. Take such bath about 20 minutes and lay down to have a rest, without taking shower.

Wine bathtub. Wine has unsurpassed antioxidant properties. Bathtubs with wine remove nervous tension, strengthen blood vessels and activate blood circulation. Besides, wine helps to remove toxins and to increase immunity.

For bathtub take 1 liter of dry red wine and 150 grams of honey. Take bath within 25 minutes. After bathtub take contrast shower and apply body lotion.

You can also make bathtub to the taste, having added 5-7 drops of favourite essential oil, previously having dissolved it in tablespoon of milk or honey.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team