5 easy, fast and beautiful hairstyles

5 easy, fast and beautiful hairstyles

To do beautiful hair, it is optional to go to the professional hairdresser. Yes, the master is necessary for difficult laying, but effective hair can be done and most. From the first attempts of hairstyle can turn out a little inaccurate, but, having been accustomed, it is possible to achieve excellent results.

Braid in couple of minutes

This simple hairstyle will originally look and it is not boring. For a start it is necessary to comb well hair and, having only convinced that there are no tangled hair, it is possible to begin weaving.

From upper part of the head the lock undertakes and it is divided into 3 parts. The right lock of hair is transferred over central. With the left lock we arrive also. Again we take the right lock. At the same time it is necessary to take carefully one curl from temples. The picked-up part needs to be held below the main that the hairstyle kept strong. We repeat process already with the left lock, taking additional curl at the left temple. At the next stage the additional locks undertake already from back part of the head. All hair are so braided. Z

We fix hair by usual elastic band. And that the hairstyle was volume and free, carefully we begin to sip each braided site of hair for both edges. We process hairstyle varnish for fixing. In order that the braid looked more effectively, it is possible to interweave tape into the spit or to set artificial flowers in lock.

The twisted tail in hairstyle in 5 minutes

For creation of such hairstyle it is necessary to have obedient and straight hair. Before the beginning it is necessary to comb hair well. Then 2 locks from upper part undertake and are tied by elastic band in tail. We do small opening in tail and we stretch hair from tail through it. Now we do the second tail, collecting hair from sides. Also we do opening and we pass tail. Also we braid the remained hair in tail and we repeat process. For bigger effect it is possible to do small tails, and then the quantity of turns will turn out more.

Fish tail with torsion in 5 minutes

For this hairstyle it will be required to tie hair in tail on the top. Now it is necessary to make carefully loop on the center and to stretch tail through opening. After that it is necessary to pull a few hair for tips to give good fixing to future hairstyle. We divide all hair into 2 equal parts and we begin to braid fish tail. From each party it is serially shifted small lock until all hair are braided. We tie braid elastic band. To add volume, a little bit pull for each braided lock and record varnish. Such hairstyle will be ideal for official style. In school, the university, it is possible to go to work with such hairstyle though every day.

Slanting braid in 5 minutes

And this hair can be done not only for work and study, but also for holidays. The hair is done no more than 5 minutes, and looks perfectly.

Hair it is necessary to comb and separate well part of hair from temple and ear. From here also weaving begins. It is better to do braid inside out, that is to put each lock under the main. At the same time every time to pick up small curls from below and from above from braid. When hair are braided to opposite ear, it is possible to tie them in tail or to continue to spin up to the end. It is simple to fix the hanging-down part by hairpins. And if the decision is stopped on tying hair as soon as the braid has reached opposite part of the head, then flowing hair can be twisted on the curling iron.

Braid on flowing hair — braid falls

This hairstyle will look romantically and gently. Well we comb hair. We take small lock on the one side of near temple and we begin to braid braid. But with such feature that every time when the upper lock undertakes, undertakes also small lock of free hair. This lock will replace the main. And the main lock after it was got, is released and remains below. The hairstyle is braided around all head. It is necessary to fix it by small elastic band that it was imperceptible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team