5 secrets of care for skin

5 secrets of care for skin

If you cannot brag of ideal skin and equal complexion, this instruction needs to be learned on teeth and to follow it strictly. Skin care has to be regular. Only then it is possible to hope for good results.


1. Clean in due form! Every day skin is forced to assume ""blows"" of the environment: dust, temperature drops, aggressive influence of ultraviolet. But you have opportunity to minimize negative impact of these factors. For this purpose it is necessary to purify leather from pollution daily. But it is necessary to do it not tyap-mistake, and in due form! In the mornings, when well rested skin looks is fresh, it is possible just to wash face water warm (not more hotly). After that it is necessary to put moisturizing (spring-summer) or nutritious (fall-winter) cream, suitable your type of skin. The procedure of evening clarification has to be more careful. First of all, kind of you were tired, surely remove meyk by means of special milk or skin and wash with gel. After that wipe skin with tonic: it will dry and will narrow pores. Well, and then you can put cream on face. 1-2 times a week use srubs to remove the keratosic particles - it will give to face skin fresh look.

2. Hide face from the sun! I will open for you one of secrets of youth of the Hollywood beauties - they protect the person from sunshine! And you thought, their wide-brimmed hats - only craze? By scientists it is proved long ago: nothing so quickly ages and dries skin as ultraviolet. That is why during heat it is important to use cosmetics with UV filters, to apply sun-protection means and to cover face from hot beams.

3. Attentively choose cosmetics! Take care of that in your make-up bag and on shelf in the bathroom there ""lived"" only qualitative means and it is exclusive those which suit your type and condition of skin. Washing of the girlfriend of which she so enthusiastically speaks it will not be obligatory effective for you. And experiments with superexpensive rejuvenating cream for the face of your elder sister or mother - in general taboo. The fact is that such cosmetics contains active agents which to your skin it is absolute to anything at present.

4. Observe the mode! Lean on fresh vegetables-greens-fruit-berries, but not on sweet - fat-sharp because two cakes for the night or buter with smoked sausage can prepare surprise in the morning - in the form of heat-spots or irritation. Also do not take in head to exhaust yourself the diets which are especially invented by you or your girlfriend independently! Limiting itself in food, you risk to cause imbalance in organism, than can earn problems not only with skin, but also with internals. And still sleep at least for 8 hours day to avoid result of night parties - shadows under the eyes and dim complexion.

5. Do not allow it to dry up! Whether you know that skin is capable to thirst, especially during hot flying when moisture from organism evaporates very quickly? So the skin should be moisturized not only outside (by means of creams, lotions), but also from within. Water allows it to remove toxins and helps to remain smooth and elastic. That skin felt comfortable and looked good, it is necessary to drink in day of at least 7-8 glasses of liquid!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team