5 ways to make curls

5 ways to make curls

Despite variability of fashion, curls always at top remain on trend. In the aspiration to create romantic image from red carpet it is possible to please inadvertently vprosak and instead of elastic curls to catch natural disaster on the head. That it has not occurred, it is necessary to define optimum for type and structure of hair way to make curls. And best of all for this purpose practice approaches.

OPTION 1: Curls by means of the curling iron

One of the fastest ways to make curls – to wind them on the curling iron. It is for this purpose better to select devices with adjustment of temperature and the sparing covering of heating element.

Special sprays for the curling iron and the iron will allow to secure hair against influence of high temperatures. Means is evenly distributed on clean hair, schesyvatsya by means of clearing.

To begin to wind curls it is necessary from occipital part of the head. Hair on the top should be collected by clips, and remained to distribute on small locks. After the indicator on the curling iron shows the maximum heating, it is possible to start turning.

Beginning from lock tip, hair are hardly wound on the curling iron. In such state it is necessary to keep curl no more than 15 seconds then accurately to take out the curling iron, trying not to dismiss the turned-out spiral.

Thus hair on all surface of the head are wound. It is possible to comb curls only after cooling of spirals. In end the hairstyle is fixed by means of hairspray.

So curls turn out moderately elastic and identical. If to twist curls strictly inside, then it is possible to achieve effect of wave.

OPTION 2: Curls by means of hair curlers

Hair curlers are classics. With their help the romantic curls were done still by our grandmothers. The means checked by time relevant and today.

For hair curlers the hair have to be clean and a little damp. You should not wind hair curlers on wet hair as much more time for fixing will be required.

Head hair are distributed on lock, since the top. The fixing spray or small ball of mousse is applied on each lock, distributed by means of clearing. After lock it is accurately reeled up on hair curlers and fixed by clip at roots of hair.

It is important not to reel up hair too hardly. Hair curlers on the head have to keep strong, but not cause discomfort.

To accelerate drying process, it is possible to use the hair dryer. After drying of hair curlers act, and curls schesyvatsya by massage clearing.

OPTION 3: Curls by means of braids

One more easy way to make curls – to braid hair to the spit. For small curlies it will be necessary to weave several braids, weaving to one spit will give larger waves.

The plait is done on clean, moist hair. Before weaving it is necessary to comb carefully hair and to apply liquid balm or hair mousse on all length. Such option approaches when next day it is necessary to do quickly hair, and the prospect to carry out all night long on hair curlers causes soreness of the mouth.

OPTION 4: Curls by means of gulka

Gulka – practical option to take away hair, and in some cases – even ascetic option of evening hairstyle. At the same time, the gulka is able to afford to make beautiful curls, it is not worse, than by means of the curling iron.

For this purpose it will be required to wash hair and to dry them strong stream of the hair dryer. The fixing mousse is applied on moist hair and distributed on all length of hair.

Later it is necessary to collect nape hair as it becomes for horse tail, and after to reprimand in plait. Hair are wound at the basis of tail and fixed by elastic elastic band.

Hair it is possible to dry phenom, directing stream directly to gulka, or to allow to be recorded naturally.

OPTION 5: Curls the hands

Perhaps, the simplest option is to create curls in literal sense the hands. This option is suitable for owners of the porous hair inclined to waviness more. For this purpose it will be required to wash up hair, to drain towel, and after to apply gel of average fixing.

Later it is necessary to cast away the head forward and to intensively crumple hair. Practically it looks so. Palms squeeze hair from the ends and bring up them to roots, giving thereby the chance to curl it is natural to be created.

As soon as hair to dry, the hairstyle is formed by means of clearing and fixed by hairspray. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team