6 steps to beautiful suntan

6 steps to beautiful suntan

The fashion for suntan was entered by incomparable Coco Chanel still in the twenties of last century. Since then skin of color of chocolate does not give in, remaining one of bright summer trends. However fashion fashion, and health – first of all! In pursuit of beautiful suntan you should not charge-off several simple and important rules.

1. Accept vitamin complexes. Some producers produce special dietary supplements for ideal suntan. It is better to begin them to accept a month before start of summer season. They will help not only to sunbathe quickly, but also to save skin from dryness, pigmentation and photoageing.

2. Make peeling of body one week prior to adoption of solar procedures. It can be made independently by means of coffee srub or to register in salon. This procedure will save skin from dead cells and will provide equal beautiful suntan.

3. Lean on carrot or juice from this root crop. Try to have in summertime every day glass of fresh juice of carrots. This vegetable abounds with carotene which promotes production of melanin. Thanks to usual carrot you receive beautiful shade of suntan for few days! Only do not forget to add a little cream that all vitamins were well acquired to juice.

4. Show moderation. Kind of strongly you wished to become quicker mulatto, do not spend the whole day under beams of the sun – it is fraught with negative consequences. The best time for stay on the beach – from 9 to 11 in the morning and also after 16 hours. Day beams are extremely hazardous to health – under their action you risk not to sunbathe, and to burn!

5. Use special sun-protection means which correspond to your phototype. The skin is lighter at you, the above there has to be protection level at the used means. In the first days of suntan it is necessary to use creams and sprays with SPF 50+, then it is possible to pass to means with protection 15-25. Similar cosmetics not only protects skin from receiving solar burn, it also provides sufficient moistening and struggles with free radicals who are guilty of presenilation.

6. Moisturize the skin. After stay under sunshine skin is fairly dehydrated and needs active moistening. For this purpose it is possible to use any moisturizing body creams. Only then your suntan will be really beautiful!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team