7 checked ways to improve condition of skin

7 checked ways to improve condition of skin

Beauty of skin first of all goes from within. Considerably to improve its state, to make skin clean, elastic and beautiful, it is necessary to adjust work of digestive tract. So, to get rid of rashes, eels, inflammations and other unpleasant things, it is necessary:

1. To correct diet. Try to exclude or to considerably limit greasy, smoked and spicy food and also sweets, fancy bread and alcohol.

2. To observe the drinking mode. The necessary amount of liquid - 1.5-2 liters a day, and during summer heat the need for water can increase.

3. To arrange fasting days. Periodically (once a week) for clarification of digestive tract it is possible to arrange fasting days, for example, apple or kefiric.

4. To use srubs. Depending on type of skin apply various srubs, for example, on the basis of apricot stones or coffee. The peeling fruit acids is also effective. These procedures can be carried out as at home, and in beauty shop.

5. To accept sorbents. For normalization of intestinal microflora use sorbents, for example, activated carbon or other similar medicines. Periodically accept them after plentiful festive meals.

6. Not to forget about moistening. Use the moisturizing cosmetics and also make-shifts. To give to freshness skin, it is sometimes rather simple to wipe face and neck with slice of cucumber, kiwi or half of fig. Wash only cool water.

7. To add to diet omega-3. Great and tasty way to considerably improve condition of skin is to enter the products containing fatty acids omega-3 into diet. The mackerel, herring, salmon, walnuts, flax seeds concern them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team