7 councils for care for curly hair

7 councils for care for curly hair

The hair curling by nature look beautifully, but I cause the array of problems connected with leaving. Curly curls badly strike to laying, it is heavy to pacify them. Besides, not each hairstyle or hairstyle suits curly hair. And if similar curls also thin, are easily confused, then it can become in general accident. It is properly correct to look after such type of hair?

First, it is necessary to refuse frequent use of the hair dryer. Also you should not use irons and curling irons daily. Similar devices very strongly dry the hair and curling or very curly curls in itself usually differ in the increased dryness.

Secondly, it is not recommended to wash too often curly hair, especially it is not necessary to subject them to influence of very hot water. By the nature the curly curls are less soiled, keep volume longer. Excessive washing of the head is capable to weaken already fine hair. Hot water injures curls, overdries them. Because of it curly hair can become very unruly.

Thirdly, it is necessary to straighten tips as often as possible. The fact is that the similar type of hair is very inclined to emergence of the splitting ends. Besides, the frequent hairstyle will stimulate growth of curls.

Fourthly, it is necessary to use shampoos and the other looking after funds which are allocated for moistening and nutrition. One of rules of care for curly hair says: it is impossible to use means as a part of which there are sulfates. Shampoos and balms with such component resemble only for straight hair. Also it is necessary to avoid means which give additional volume. As a rule, curly curls already look fluffy and volume. Besides, similar conditioners and shampoos quite often contain silicone which can weight curly hair and make them fragile. It is recommended to give preference to the looking after cosmetics with keratin, with essential oils and with natural components, for example, with broth of camomile or sage.

Fifthly, curly hair demands competent selection of hairbrush. It is necessary to use models which have surface the most smooth. Experts do not recommend to use iron crests and hairbrushes with very dense bristle as they can confuse curly curls only even stronger.

Sixthly, for curly hair it is necessary to do nutritious masks. Such curls demand in addition care in type of sprays, emulsions and so on. Very often curly curls are easily electrified therefore for them it is necessary to use antistatics.

Seventhly, you should not paint very often curly curls resistant chemical paints. Such influence will even stronger weaken them, will provoke development of the situation when curly hair is strongly confused. If there is a wish to change color, then it is better to resort to the natural painting means or to use coloring balms, varnishes, shampoos, crayons for hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team