7 councils for fight against extensions on body

7 councils for fight against extensions on body

Extensions on body represent some kind of scars which remained as a result of sharp tension of integument. Usually it occurs during pregnancy, fast set and dumping of weight at insufficient elasticity of epidermis. They look not too attractively, especially at black women therefore it is worth trying to get rid of this cosmetic shortcoming.

In fight against extensions the fight should be begun as soon as possible – it will increase chances of their elimination. Best of all – in the early stages of pregnancy when the stomach and breast have not managed to increase strongly in sizes yet. It is for this purpose important to use as much as possible products containing the vitamins A, C and E which are responsible for condition of skin. They can be received together sunflower sunflower seeds, peanut, germinated wheat, butter, sea-buckthorn, hawthorn, dogrose, carrots. Thanks to it skin will become more elastic.

It is important to moisturize also constantly the skin that will also prevent emergence of extensions or will promote their fastest elimination. For these purposes it is better to use creams and cosmetic oils on natural basis. It is possible to oil also daily skin not refined oil which perfectly humidifies and feeds, and at the same time will not do much harm to condition of future mother and the expected kid. Residues of oil half an hour later can be deleted with tissue.

Usually extensions appear on breast, stomach and hips, is more rare – on hands. These places when drawing the moistening means should pay special attention.

To get rid of extensions after the delivery, it is useful to use few times in week srub. It can be prepared independently, having mixed sea salt with olive oil – the natural and at the same time effective remedy will turn out. It is also possible to do massage by means of honey, applying it the patting movements to dry skin of body. At the end of the procedure this product should be washed away warm water. Natural honey perfectly moisturizes and feeds the skin and also promotes blood circulation and removal of toxins.

When extensions are very noticeable, and it is impossible to get rid of them independently, it is possible to address to beauty shop. As fight against such cosmetic defect will offer the mass of methods there. The safest – wrapping with seaweed and massage which bring skin into tone and increase its elasticity. It is possible to carry out similar procedures and at home, laminarias are on sale in drugstores at the affordable price, however the efficiency of the saloon procedure will be much higher. Has perfectly proved in fight against extensions chemical peeling which stimulates production of the collagen which is responsible for elasticity of fabric and deletes upper scales of skin. It is carried out by phenyl, median trichloroacetic or fruit acids.

Before holding such procedure after the delivery there has to pass half a year. It is also desirable to do it after the termination of lactation.

For the purpose of elimination of extensions it is also possible to carry out microdermabrasion – some kind of grinding of skin for the purpose of its updating. Thanks to such procedure of extension become much less more noticeable over time, and even disappear. As means against extensions today also use mesotherapy during which skin is nourished with vitamins and other useful substances that promotes recovery of its elasticity and elasticity. However this procedure is banned during pregnancy and feeding by breast.

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