7 effective remedies of fight against perspiration of legs and armpits

7 effective remedies of fight against perspiration of legs and armpits

Sweating is natural process which protects organism from overheating, however the unpleasant smell accompanying it can become the real problem. How to choose the most effective remedy for its elimination?

1. DezodorantyPodoynut that who does not suffer from excessive perspiration as they do not affect amount of the emitted sweat. And here against what this means fights, so it against the bacteria which are the reason of unpleasant smell.

2. Antiperspirantyv difference from deodorants block work of sweat glands for a period of up to 72 hours. This means will help out the people inclined to strong perspiration. Dermatologists do not advise to hold means on skin longer than 8 hours therefore, having put antiperspirant in the morning, surely wash away it before going to bed.

3. Dezodoranty-antiperspirantyuniversalnoye means "2 in 1" which not only reduces release of sweat but also neutralizes unpleasant smell.

4. Pharmaceutical sredstvamaz and pastes with silitsilovy acid and zinc oxide in structure possess disinfecting action and also effectively eliminate sweat smell.

5. Apple uksusnarodny means from sweat smell which can be used not only for armpits, but also feet - for its preparation mix apple cider vinegar with water in proportion 1:1, moisten cotton tampon and wipe skin.

6. Crystals burned kvastsovneobychny and effective remedy which is safe natural antiperspirant. Burned alum reduces secretion of sweat glands, at the same time without corking them and also harmful affects the microorganisms which are the reason of unpleasant smell.

7. Lemon soketo simple means will help to get rid of unpleasant smell at excessive perspiration of legs - it is necessary to wipe with fresh lemon juice of foot as required.

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